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Help needed with Airstrip Missions


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Guys can some one pls complete the Airstrip Missions for me. I tried a lot to complete but could not even complete the 1st one i.e., N.O.E. And for the game to progress i need to complete these missons. So pls can some one complete these missions for me.


Here's the Link to Saved Game

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on it...

For: edgarwlsne

Mission: N.O.E.

Helper: JAJ

Link: <savegame>


$15000 & respect gained mission reward

I just did N.O.E. for you as the other missions aren't flying. Anyway, the jet-pack is a lot easier to fly & the next missions are really fun!

Enjoy the rest of the game!


If you need to post another SnP, please mention that you have V1.

Edited by JAJ
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Thanks JAJ. Thanks a lot. And i will keep in mind to mention the version. Thanks Again.

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