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[REL|Final] Peugeot 404 UXD


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hello everyone

well i just finished my conversion , scratch made by Skybh (3dautos.co.uk )

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image



blabla you can download it here



user posted image

pic by marcogrilo


SA style light

SA style plates

3D Model HD & textures HD (full)

4 Extras

more more


Have fun

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Nice work but the floor and steering wheel are letting it down - u need to rescale the tex uv mapping on those surfaces & it'll look sweet.


Also the windscreen - meshsmooth it or highlight all the faces and assign them to a smoothing group... you can see the tris.


Love it other than that.

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death 2 the prom king

wow didn't expect a really old car like that a peugeot to be made into a car mod.

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