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game problems


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hi.. this always happens everytime i start GTA san andreas.. when i click on the game it wont launch.. but when i delete the gta_set thingy file it starts.. its just i dont want to delete and reset my settings all over and over again.. anybody have an idea how to fix this?


and the sound thing.. when there is a thunderstorm in-game, after the thunder sound when im in the car i lose the outside noise.. like i can only hear the radio,.. and sometimes when the radio is off i cant hear anything.. and this happens too when im walking... anybody have a fix?


thanks for the help smile.gif

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The storm thing is something I hear of often. So I imagine it's a known issue with a publicized fix. If I'm right, then you will find this in the pinned threads.


Speaking of which, you didn't mind the posting requirements one. It asks for a LOT of information and also sepcifically states against generic topic titles. If you can imagine, EVERY topic in Troubleshooting is about "game problems" biggrin.gif


Perhaps the two are related. Make sure your sound drivers and DirectX are up to date. For better advice, provide more information please.

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im sooryy.


ok here it is.



GTA SA version 2


448MB of RAM

521MB DDR2

ATI RADEON EXPRESS 200 series 64.0MB

Realtek HD audio output

oh and im using microsoft xp home edition version 2002 service pack 2

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