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Black Ped in grey shirt with tan pants.


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BEFOREHAND-I am not a bigfoot hunter, and know that it does not exist without mods. This has NOTHING to do with bigfoot or ANY related entities.

Well, there is a ped in SA.

since i am on PS2 (my PC is incompetent) and have no capture card, or at this time, a camera i cannot get a picture of him, si i'll give you a description of him.


-Grey shirt

-tan pants

Now, onto where he can be found.

-If you hijack a train, he will always be the driver.

-He can sometimes be seen in cars.

-If you use Edison carter's "Ninja mode cheat for police world" ARMAX/codebreaker/Gameshark code and look in a SWAT or FBI car while in the countryside he will be the driver.

Now, onto what makes him different from other peds...

-he appears in situations where other peds don't (I.E, driving trains...)

-Recruited GSF members treat him like a balla/Vago/enemy gang member...

And onto thinking about why this happens...


-He Could be a "Filler Ped", a ped that appears when the game can't decide on a ped to pull from the Popcycles, it just loads up this guy.

-He could be part of a gang that didn't make the final cut, or the scraps of a removed gang member. now, the filler ped part comes in, because all that would be left is the scripts of how Recruited gang members attack him, so it loads up the "Filler Ped" in question's model.


as i have said, my research on this ped is rather limited, as i have no acess to modding or the scripts (PS2, i have a incompetent PC).

Do any scripters or modders know if the model name or code regarding him reveals anything?

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The one that looks like a chav? He's a repeatedly used ped everywhere. I see him more often in my Chinatown safe house. Every time I go out of that place, it will almost always be him, or several of him driving the vehicles that pass in front of the safe house. Sometimes he would even bail out of a car for unknown reasons.


Rarely, you'll see him brandishing an AK and will have a chat with some Triads.


user posted image

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He's just your everyday workin' man. Or, get this: The government was disappointed in how lazy and slobbish America had become. They found the most average person they could find in Liberty City and sent him to Area 69. Scientists took blood samples and used the stem cells to create a clone. From this clone, they created ten million exact replicas and sent them in different directions across San Andreas. The FBI plans to send six million more to Liberty City by 2007.

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actually, i've seen two of thoes peds get out of a grove st. car in da parking lot in Ganton behind CJ's house, and wen i went up to them i recruited them both, WITHOUT THE "Recruit Everyone" cheat - no joke.


So, i think he's just a ped that once to be a Balla/Family or w/e. Like a new recruit or sumthin

You have been surfing the Wiggernet, proudly sponsored by


Suction Testicle Ban
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this was really old for me because at the beginning of the game i was walking around grove and the homies start shooting at a balla car. i jacked it and that guy was in it.


GTA_Loco u rule cuz your filipino

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start a mission where one of the main characters (Sweet, Smoke, Ryder, Whoozi, OG LOC, Catalina, etc.) or pretty much anyone you see in one of those cut scene/mini movies (as i call them) are players with you, and they follow you around or are there in gameplay, do a little stuff with them, such as driving in a car or running down the street with them following, and then press F1, now rotate as much as you need to the camera until you are looking at that character(s), the "filler" replaces them, see for yourself.


I just took this pic a minute ago, its a replay (F1) of my saved mission of the end of the line in SA, the filler guy in the pasenger seat is Sweet.


user posted image

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F1? Replay? We've got replays on PC? =o



And the F1 thing works!! Filler ped!! Now I'm scared...

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