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VC minimum kill competition strategies


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This thread is the side thread of the VC min kill comp (MKC) found here. The other thread is for announcing your participation, your progress, or just discussing the MKC in general. This thread is for the sharing and research of strategies to each mission with the least amount of kills possible. Please keep the two on topic in this regard. Thank you.
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Well, much to my dismay, I've come to find that EVERY explosion in HOTRING counts as a kill against you! I don't like it when luck enters into the equation of a skill-based endeavor such as this. I was lucky to finish 1st one time with 15 kills. I saved that, but continued to reload before the race to see if I can do any better. Not even close. I'm going to continue with the 15 kills, but I was wondering if anybody had any ideas on how to pass this 1st place with less kills. I've tried hanging back, avoiding all collisions so I don't have to stop and repair (since the longer the race, the more kills you rack up accidentally), etc. 15's the best I could do and that looks to be a fluke.
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Not the most difficult missions, but i like to tell my strategy anyway:




The Party - 0 kills

no explanation needed



Back Alley Brawl - 0 kills


This was the first mission where i thought you needed to get a kill, but you can work around it. This is the mission where you have to kill the chef Leo and get his phone. Also the mission where you meet Lance. My strategy probably isnt the only possible or even the easiest, but I couldn't think of another methode.


First you start the mission. (I had 100 armor and 150 health, but that isn't even needed). Go to Paul Kent at the Malibu. Now you want a nice big car. Any car would work, but a high car like a van or the Rancher will be easier. You need to obtain a two star wanted level. I did this by robbing the tool store. With the 2 stars and the Rancher i went to the alley and park my car at the beginning, got out and approached Leo. After the cutscene i ran back to the car. If you go away far enough Leo won't follow, but will stand at one place. This is what you want. If he is running towards you it's to kill him with the car. Now try to park the car on top of him. It is possible to do taht without killing him. Get out of the car and shoot it a couple of times, so it will smoke, but not burn. Then hide behind the car from an angle that the cops will shoot at you, but hit the vehicle. This way the car will start to burn, take a distance and it will explode and kill Leo the chef. The police has done it for you. Then complete the rest of the mission. There is a bribe star in the aley to make it easy.



Jury Fury - 0 kills

Shoulden't be a problem.



Riot - 0 kills

A bit tricky, but not difficult. It helps if you have invinete sprint and a good aim.

Go and piss of 4 workers for the gates to open. Inside there are three trucks. Two of the trucks are parked next to each other and next to a barrel. Go stand next to the singel truck and wait so you are sure that no one will get hurt when you shoot the barrel. After both trucks exploded (should go without a kill) you want to lure everyone that after you away from the last truck. You need to get the barrel next to the truck or the truck next to the barrel. For this you need to drive a bit. If they are close you will get draged out of the truck.

I drove the last truck of the perimiter and shot it with a shotgun, but using the barrel should work either.



Four Iron - 0 kills

I found 2 ways of completing it. The first time i chased the man. When we were out of the golf park i kept ramming his vehicle. I had to swap into some other vehicle to make sure i didn't blow myself. Make sure you ram him until his car is smoking black. Then just keep chasing him from a distance and wait for the driver or other traffic to make a mistake and bump the car, so it will burn. Sadly i hit a pedestrian during th chase so I had to do it again.


This time i made him commit suicide. When you approach the tee practice (or whatever it's called) there are a number of golfcars. A dumpt all but two into the lake. One of those remaining two i parked on the slope to the water, almost letting the golfcar fall. Almost. The other golfcar is the one with a bodyguard in it. When you approach this one the action will be triggerd. I dragged out the bodyguard and took his golfcart preparing for a chase. The victim jump into the car that was parked onb the slope next to the water and fell in the pond. Nobody can swim in Vice City, so mission accomplished.



Demolition Man - 0 kills

I didn't think this mission would be difficult, but it is toooo easy. Every kill you make with the heli (using the rotor blades) will go onto the People wasted by others statistics. That is not even a challenge.


Haven't done other missions yet, let's hope I can keep my 0 kills statistic tomorrow. smile.gif

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Urban Legend

Bump... So I see all the kills from the rampages count against you... cryani.gif

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