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The Story Of Salvatore Leone


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The Story Of Salvatore Leone




Silence filled the streets of Liberty City, the sun was shining

no clouds in the sky just blue, you could hear the birds up above,

Pedestrians were walking calmly down the main street suddenly a gun

shot was heard, the pedstrians jumped to the floor while screaming

there heads off.


Before the gun shot.



Young Salvatore Leone had a gun to a bank clerks head.


Sal: "give you money or i'll shoot you"


Clerk: "Just take it, leave me alone I dont want to die"


the Clerk reluctantly hands the money to Sal


Sal: "never trust me"


Sal shoots her in the head


Sal runs out with a $1000 dollars in a black plastic bag, a getaway

car was round the back, Sal ran up to the car and jumped in, the car

speeded off.



Small Warehouse,Portland Island [12:00pm]


Sal is sitting at his desk celebrating that he robbed his first bank

but it was not his first murder, two men in black suits bust open

Sal's door and put a gun to his head.


Mike[man#1]: "Where's the money you owe the don"


Sal: "I will give it to him tomorrow I Promise"


Stan[man#2]: "you better, if not you won't live to see next week"


Sal: OK




i might not do any more but if you like it i might.

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Is there a point to this story? Oh wait, yes, the money owed to the Don bored.gif -- spelling errors, simplistic dialouge & lack of any description hinders what would've been a subpar story.

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Coral is right. The story is short (like mine) and there are many grammetical errors. Have it make more sense, like who is the Don, why Sal owes the money....

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