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Temperamental Performance Stuttering!


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...and when I say stutter, I mean st-ttt-uu-t-u-tt-terr-.


Hey guys. When I usually have a game-related performance issue I use a Microsoft help forum which I lost the link to (sad face sad.gif), and because this is a San Andreas-only issue, I figured this would be the next logical place to go! My apologies if this issue has been covered in the past. I DID check through some of your relevant stickies but didn't find anything so I continued to make this thread.


Anyway, I forget exactly how the problem came about. It was around the time I was having a problem with my hard drive partition (corrupt windows files) and had to reinstall XP yadda yadda. Oh... yeah, something like we took our computer to a repairs store and they fixed the hard drive and stuck another one in it, but I didn't want anything deleted and to simplify this process because I have a lot of crap I wanted to keep I just said copy everything over. Obviously games wouldn't continue to work, but that was a choice I was willing to make smile.gif So here's the problem: San Andreas stopped working. I'd load the menu and the stuttering was audible in the sound of options being highlighted. Loading the game was pretty much the same. When the game begins, however, the performance is literally stuttering... I dunno how else to explain it. My computer used to run this game on high with no problems. I've reinstalled the game two or three times using different CDs/DVDs but to no avail (all separate copies, not just CDs).


I'd really like help with this and would appreciate any constructive replies - I HAVE CRAVINGS! And sorry about the long post. It was an accident =(

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Did you try deleting the SET file? No reinstall is true without doing so. And since you've had some overhaul done, it might be necessary. Otherwise, check to see if your sound drivers and DirectX are up to date.
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Drivers are fine; I have no problems with any other games, it's just GTA.


Thanks for the response. I would have appreciated a little more info but I found the files without trouble. Your advice is very logical - wish I knew these files were still on my computer beforehand tounge.gif

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Just installed the game after deleting all previously installed files, and unless I missed something, it still doesn't run properly. Any other advice?



Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology

Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 2.40GHz

Memory: 1024MB RAM (DDR 333)

Hard Drive: 160 GB Total

Video Card: NVIDIA Leadtek GeForce 6800

Direct X: 9.0c

Sound: Realtek AC'97


Running GTA 1.01.

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