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.AVI Movie File


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So I have a .AVI movie file and I want to take a particular scene from it (8-10 mins long) and have that scene stored as a separate movie file.


What software do I need and where can I get it from (must be freeware)?


Cheers guys.

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Thanks for the link.


When I try to open the file in question however, I get the following error:


Couldn't locate decompressor for format 'XVID'


From this I can deduce that the video format is not infact .AVI but XVID.


Any ideas what I could do now?


Cheers Tornado.

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Sure it does.


Get the movie and make your own "back up" of it, I bet the problem is gone then wink.gifviddy_pirate.gif

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I get a similar error with Movie Maker as well.


This doesn't make sense...

That's the silly thing about XviD. It seems that the XVID is not its actual 4-byte code, but it is the code that WMP recognizes for some reason, so files that are marked XVID can be opened with WMP, but not with any video editing software. I've ran into that problem before, and I don't really know how to fix it. You can try looking for other XviD encoded videos, and see if you can find one that opens with VirtualDub. If you can, I can tell you how to get its 4-byte code and how to tell VirtualDub to use that code instead of the one in the file to get the decoder for it. That might do it.

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