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No sound error


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Hi I am running GTA-SA on a 945 Motherboard with 512 RAM (Have to restrict the visual settings otherwise get some slow motion action), the game installation CD which I had vorrowed from a friend was a single now and once loaded it started an installation program written in some non-english (probably Russian) language. Though one could not understand but just pressing the highlighted button (probab next) the game would install. What surprised me was that a 600 odd MB file would install into a 4.65GB folder on my system...

Anyways the game runs fine except for one problem I dont hear sounds, I dont mean all sounds I can hear the background, gun shots, car sounds, alarms, phone rings etc, but I dont hear speech and radio (while in vehicle)...I have subtitles turned on and thus can read the text of the speech..and sometimes in a scene shot I can hear the last words spoken (like some slang by CJ or others)...

I wish there was a way I could enjoy the full features of the game...


Could anyone plz help and lemme know what to do....



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