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New Info


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Those look like Euro plates on cars, and peds I think look too cartoony. And I hope shading in GTAIV is not so unrealistic, that one building looks like the bright side of the moon.

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We really need some new info soon..


Postings are flying off into anything in every thread.

Just to inform all people i didnt get the gamepro scans yet but as soon as i do i'll post them immidiatly.And this topic as well is becoming spam like the Multiplayer one..please stop it people,be patient now it is time for a little peace with GTA Iv info but it is the calm before the storm trust me....




Edit:I was browsing the google and found this artwork.Is it officialy for GTA IV or is it fan made.I never seen it before and thats why i ask


user posted image


sorry if old






Back on Topic: Couldn’t we jump from roof top to roof top in other GTA games?

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- You can now open your car trunks, by pushing rb




We already know that its on GTA4.net

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-  You can now open your car trunks, by pushing rb




We already know that its on GTA4.net

And what do you think about where the guys from GTA4.net got that info from? huh?!

Just look at the date DC88 posted that tidbit of information...

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This sucks! I'm just going to start making sh:catloaf:t up.


* Camels are a confirmed method of transportation and they will not need to stop at red lights. However, failure to remove animal dung is a $500 fine in most parts of New York.

* When the itch-meter turns red, Niko can scratch his back with the LB button. (Or he can use his cell phone to call a friend.)

* Silly string was a weapon in development, but it has been removed due to its lack of gameplay uses.

* Steak can be purchased at Didier Sachs and worn as a stylish chapeau.

* Fanboys can connect their personal vibrators to the PS3 controller through a USB cable and adapter.



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My uncle misunderstood me, and he sent me EGM July 2007 scans with all those comparisions.He said that he forgot what the mag looked alike so he scaned me this...He said again he'll scan Gamepro as soon as arrives....Hm first he said it arrived ,now this... is he f*ckking joking with me.I stood here for 3 f*cking days after he said mag arrived and waited for him to send me the scans,and he screws me like this,this aint f*cking fair.It just aint.Sorry on bad words but i had to express myself







If he send me the scans i'll post them immidiatly,immidiatly,if not,them somebody will just have to buy it when it comes in public stores...




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Well that's it for this topic... I'm going to do with it now the same thing I'll do after I put my soft pretzels and steak in the back of my Admiral's trunk in GTA IV...


lock it.

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