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Vic Taunts n Laslow's Slacking


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First off I discoverd that Vic's taunts get more and more intense throught the progress of the game.

Fist off when he is in the army and you aim a gun at somebody he might say some thing like "Don't worry I'm in the army" and when he leaves he will be like "I used to be in the army" so he taunts correspond with the missions but also during some Lance missions he wont say some of the taunts he used to say during the start of the game, but these taunts seem more angerd and intense.


Comments please and help me to understand if this is true or just confusion and missunderstanding


Also during the whole GTa gmaes Laslow roles on the radio have minimised with each game.


GTaIII - whole 24 hour talk show host

Vice City - just a regular radio host (talks between songs)

San Andreas - Had like two segments to himself thorught like a whole 3 hour station

LCS - Kinda the same as San Andreas

and VCS - had him in the background while Cousin Ed yelled at him.


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Yes, his taunts change throughout the game. In the final mission Last Stand he even yells insults at Mendez when attacking the building with the Hunter: "Come out Mendez!" "You ain't so tough now are you big boy?

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Typically GTA. Virtual behaviours of a character follow the progression in the story where the character is currently residing. Basically the same thing happens with the radio events. What happened in some missions are brodcasted over the radio supposedly to establish realism in the sense of the game that each element are not detached from each other to make some sense.


Laslow wasn't demoted in his role if you'll follow the timeline of the series. You saw it kind of backwards through the series' release dates that's why it appeared he was demoted.


VCS - 1984

VC - 1986

SA - 1992

LCS - 1998

GTA3 - 2001


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ohh I understand the Laslow thing now


And I understood the news broadcast, but I never noticed in any previous GTa games were the characters taunts get more and more confident in a way or more criminally. I didn't even notice it when I played VCS through 100% on my PSP. Only just discoverd it on the PS2 version but its an intresting idea that will defiently be in GTa IV. thanks


p.s The transitions in the taunts properly occur after the "more" important missions kinda like the only missions were you get a new report. anuj_cop.gif

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Someone pelase tell me the V-rocks thing like "Lazlow Sucks, I eat Sluts" or smth? Tell me the full please.
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"Rock is cool! Knives are cool! Cousin Ed is cool! Lazlow sucks, I love sluts!"


At topic: I didn't notice his taunts got more aggressive. *Runs to play some VCS*


Yeah, if they released the series in order of years, it would have appeared as Lazlow becoming huge, instead of seaming like he became smaller.

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