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heres there error dat pops up when i try to open a img thingy in san andreas



the archives accompanying . dir file was not found

c:program files\rockstar games\san andreas\models\gta3.dir



Please help i keep reinstalling and it takes like 30 mins but no difference!

help me please!

i beg of you! help me please!!


Where is everyone i friggin mad!!!

help me i neeeeeed help

help help!!!!!


i had to reinstall

again this is not cool man help me guys!

somewhere in your hearts youll have a lil noob saying help help

help him its me!


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Ok first of all; calm down.


Did you actually buy the game? If so, search for the file gta3.dir in the directory it mentions. If it's not there, the IMG tool isn't broken. I'm not too good with the modding side of things though, sorry monocle.gif .

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did you uncheck Read Only in Properties? confused.gif

and what img tool are you using?

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Suction Testicle Man

Moved to Editing Disc. > Troubleshooting.

If at first you don't succeed, you fail, and the test will be terminated.

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it was of of read only and i bought it at gamespot



three diffrent kinds of img tools did not work accept the one dat didnt work for vic

dontgetit.gif e

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