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VC IMG Buildings TXD List


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I decided to do another list of building textures in Vice City and since the VCS textures are being extracted this list is essential for anyone who want to change certain textures on a building with VCS textures. I didnt get every single building just the important ones!




It also took me a long time to compile this and my eyes nearly bled! rolleyes.gif


There are two parts to a texture in buildings:


1) LOD - Overall texture of Model


2) TXD - The Texture of the Model


Vice City's TXDs are split up into zones:



nbeach_______.txd = Vice Point


gf__________.txd = Leaf Links


wash_______.txd = Washington Beach


swash________.txd = South Washington


star_______.txd = Star Island


ci_______.txd = Prawn Island


ap_________.txd = Airport


lh_hai.txd = Little Haiti


lh________.txd = Little Havana


lit________.txd = Little Havana


man________.txd = Star Island Mansion


dts__________.txd = Downtown South ( ~ Biker Bar)


dt__________.txd = Downtown ( ~ Hyman Condo)


dk__________.txd = Dock


dock___________.txd = Dock


ml_________.txd = Mall


mall_______.txd = Mall



Police Stations:



hav_police.txd = Little Havana Police Station


nb_police.txd = Vice Point Police Station


dts_copshop.txd = Downtown Police Station


copdoorstuff.txd = Washington Beach Police Station Interior


cop_oceandrv.txd = Washington Beach Police Station Exterior




dt_hospital.txd = Downtown Hospital (Schuman)


hahospital.txd = West Haven Hospital


nbhospital.txd = Shady Palms Hospital


wash_hosp.txd = Ocean View Hospital




mallammu.txd = Ammunation (Mall) (contains TXD's for Bunch-Of-Tools)


dt_ammu.txd = Ammunation (Downtown)


wash_ammu.txd = Ammunation (Washington)

Pay N Spray:



nbeachpayns.txd = Pay N Spray (Vice Point)


haiwash.txd = Pay N Spray (Little Haiti)


docks.txd = Pay N Spray (Docks)


wshsprayshp.txd = Pay N Spray (Washington)

West Island Textures:



deliint.txd = Verdi Deli Little Havana Interior


deliext.txd = Verdi Deli Little Havana Exterior


drycleaners.txd = Launderette


mcompounda1.txd = Fort Baxter


hai_carshowint.txd = Sunshine Autos Interior


air_carshow.txd = Sunshine Autos Exterior


lhgangshop.txd = Little Havana Streetwear


lh_taxi.txd = Cherry Popper textures


cof___________.txd = Alberto Robina's Cafe


recstudio#.txd = Recording Studio


dt_VCnews.txd = VC News Building


dt_topshops1.txd = Bills Bowls


dt_stadium.txd = Hyman Memorial Stadium


dt_shops14.txd = Electronic Stores


dt_modern2.txd = V-Rock Station


dk_houses.txd = Houses near Docks (Bayshore Avenue)


dk_safecrack.txd = Cam Jones's Place


dk_cargoship.txd = Cargo Ship @ Docks


philss.txd = Phils Place


philinter.txd = Phils Trailer


bb_________.txd = The Greasy Chopper Bar


dt_firestation.txd = Fire Station & Church before it


dt_sheraton.txd = Moist Palms Hotel


hi_cutsafehoos.txd = Shumole Shack


tit_wank.txd = Candy's Mammary Glands Light! (Tsk Tsk Rockstar!)


funhiati.txd = Romero's Funeral Parlour & Butchers


gangshop.txd = Rough n Ready Streetwear Little Haiti


haitcont.txd = Aunt Poulet's Shack (Interior)


haitcontext.txd = Aunt Poulet's Shack (Exterior)


drugfactint.txd = Haitian Drug Factory Interior


lhcabby.txd = Kaufman Cabs Interior


lhcabbyext.txd = Kaufman Cabs Exterior


LH_PW_______.txd = Print Works


ap_terminal1.txd = Escobar Intl Building


hi_cutbnk______.txd = Bank

East Island Textures:



hi_cutlaw#.txd = Ken's Office Interior


northbuild.txd = Ken's Office Exterior


yacht.txd = Colonel's Yacht


washmarina.txd = Washington Beach Marina


ci_industrial.txd = Buildings across from Interglobal Studios


ci_island1.txd = Interglobal Studios


ci_mansion#.txd = Mansion on Prawn Island / Mendez House


ml_coffee.txd = Tarbrush Cafe in Mall


foodcourt.txd = Food Court in Mall


wshsthbuild1.txd = Collars N Cuffs


golf_clubhouse#.txd = Golf Clubhouse


seveneleven.txd = 7-11 in Vice Point


Hotelroomint#.txd = Hotel Room Interior Textures


Stripinter.txd = Pole Position Interior


cl_ext#.txd = Malibu Exterior


hi_cutcl_______.txd = Malibu Interior


mainclub2.txd = Malibu textures


nbtshops.txd = Well Stacked Pizza (Vice Point)


buildingsite2.txd = Building Site


buildsite.txd = Star View Heights (Demolition Man)


nbt_mansion1.txd = El Swanko Casa


nbt_mansionbase01.txd = El Swanko Casa Exteriors


star#.txd = Star Island Houses


od_lighthouse.txd = Lighthouse Exterior


od_lighthousein.txd = Lighthouse Interior


washmallnew.txd = Washington Mall







jwlr.txd = Jeweller's


dt_blimp.txd = Blimp


chem#.txd = Pharmacy


Hot_mobint.txd = Marcos Bistro Interior


Generic.txd = Plants,Road & Pavement in Vice City



Pin this topic as it's an essential list for any modder interested in Texturing!



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