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should of done this sooner


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hey im new, i just got GT SA SE (second addition aka v2)


so far it fully moddable thanks to the downgrader , except hot coffee doesnt work properly and i havent felt like messing with it for now...


but i added some cars and the drift mountain map.. which are great..


heres some screens


user posted image

user posted image




i got custom handling on the 3 cars there.. still messing with em to get em to the way i want tounge.gif (not go for realistic or anyhitng ) the silvia is slammed and looks great and handles great and is fast.. accelerates too 120 pretty fast.


the main question i have is that i play with a joy stick (ps2 controler) and drifting is kinda hard cus i dont have enough thumbs to adjust the camer while trying to brake and gas etc.. i was wondering if anyone got any tips or if theres a mod that makes the camera follow the rear of the car or something..


thanks hope to have lots of fun modding this game and what not...

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