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Uninstall issue


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Recently I uninstalled a computer game (football manager 2007) using control panel (add/remove). The reason for doing this was because it wasn't working properly, I then used the cd to re-install the game. When the setup started i get an error-null message, this is after about 30 seconds of the setup loading.


I'm pretty sure this is because it had been previously installed. I tested it out by trying to install on another machine, it worked perfectly. So does anyone have an idea why the setup has an error only on one machine ? Is there anything further i can do to uninstall the orginal program.




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Find the directory within C:\Program Files which contains the game there could be some files left over (if any), I don't know if it creates a seperate folder within 'My Documents' for save games etc, if so delete that. The next step is to use a Registry Cleaner to clean up your registry and remove any 'dead links' to the game within your registry.


Search for RegScrubXP on Gooooogle and use that, its free and does the job nicely for what you need.


If that doesn't work get back to us/me and we'll take it from there



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