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Wireless giving me Spyware?

Hell No..

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Ok so on the old computer, we could have anything up to 100 things of spyware in only a few days.


Today, we bought a new pc, so when I got the internet working, I was online for about 5 minutes before I went and downloaded and ran Spybot. When it had finished, it found about 7-8 problems. From where?!! I was on for like 5 mins. In that time, I just checked hotmail,youtube, and mgsforums.


What could it be? Im using a wireless connection and I did actually import my bookmarks into firefox, could it be a site in there?




P.S, I also have this Nortons trial on it anyways.

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You bought a new PC? Dell, HP, Gateway, something like that right?

They come with "spyware" already installed. Most of which is....crap I think of it....they put out little BS games for people to play.


Your first mistake was buying a pre-build system, but that's just my opinion.


Just run Spybot and Ad-aware to remove that preinstalled crap. I would also suggest going to Add/Remove Program and removing things that way, then running the spyware tools to remove it.



Get rid of NAV trail, if you want...it should be good for a year or so, and get AVG or one of the other free antivirus programs.

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Ok thanks. Well, its just a home computer, for all of us. Our other one broke and we needed a new one more quickly. Banking etc. But its really slick for us.


Oh, and its a Packard Bell.



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