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Homing missiles

Smart Man

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How can I increase the range and the speed of the homing missiles fired from the Hydra? Dogfights are really too easy and I would like to make it harder by making missiles faster and more with range, since I can't mod the missiles to act like real missiles. I mean flying a lead pursuit course (the shortest way to their target). So I just wan't to increase their speed and range and the damage they do when they hit. I wan't to make that only one missile is needed for destroying a plane. I think this shouldn't be hard for you up here. Please tell me exactly where and how should I do all this. Increase speed, range and their damage.

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I'm going to assume that something like the missiles is hardcoded into the exe, and cannot be changed. But I may be wrong.

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I can confirm, that these missiles are not under control of the SCM scripts. Their behavior is hardcoded, and you can't change it by SCM editing. You might be able to do something with mem-hacking, but I haven't come across any info yet on mem-locations that influence the homing missiles.

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