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vice city sound and gameplay stuttering problem


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Hi, i have a problem with GTA Vice city regarding the stuttering issue. It happens while playing the game for some time. Sometimes it stutters as well as the sound(the one which has the woman's voice), it's like in slow-motion which is annoying. I have an on-board sound with realtek installed. I tried other games and it works flawlessly. And btw, what is "audio hardware" from vice city options menu mean? Maybe it has something to do with that, mine was set in "3dsound software emulation".


my pc specs:

celeron 2.66ghz

256mb ddr ram

128mb fx5200 128 bit

Windows 98SE


I already enabled DMA, hope you could help me out on this one.

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Are you Alt+Tabbing out of the game alot? The reason I ask is because I noticed you said you're using 98. I LOVE 98. I used 98Lite for a long time... Up until the point where I started getting into GTA3 modding. At that point, I was Alt+Tabbing in and out of the game so much that the memory performance really suffered. I think you'll find that Alt+Tabbing out and back in might solve your issue in short order, but that the more you do it, the more you're doomed for exactly this to develop.


What can you do? Aside from upgrading to an OS with better memory management, a fresh booting will help. As will not running other applications. Obviously this advice will not be that useful if you have one of those machines where the person is not at all careful and a fresh booting means a dozen unwanted programs launching. If this is you, you'll need to address that both in general and if you wish for a fresh boot to be of any assistance.

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I don't do alt-tabbing. I also love windows 98, actually I also use 98 LITE(I used chubby configuration and it was fast). I think that it's memory management isn't go0d that's why i experience this issue. So basically, I will try different things like tweaking the system.ini's vcache and see if it works. Or i can use memory management program like Ram Idle.

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A man after my own heart...


If you use 98 Lite as well and are big into tweaking, you need to do yourself a favor and go with Micro install. You will make certain compatibility sacrifices choosing 95's shell over 98's, but the memory management and more importantly STABILITy will be superior. It's never my style to suggest reinstalling Windows, but as a fellow Lite user, I think it's safe to say that we administrate our machines to be disposable, eh? wink.gif

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Try changing "3dsound software emulation" to the default. Just click on restore defaults to see how the sound works during gameplay. If this doesn't help, then update your sound drivers as stated before in the bugfix list.


This is most likely your sound driver. You have AC'97 and not HD Audio, right? Here's the latest. Download the [.exe] + Install.



Maybe it has something to do with that, mine was set in "3dsound software emulation".

Never set it to be like that. That could have changed because 'dxdiag' hardware sound acceleration level was set to [none]. Follow the link for the driver. Does anyone know if Windows 98 supports DirectX 9 by the way?

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I have changed the audio settings from "3dsound software emulation" to "3dsound hardware support" and guess what, it fixes the choppy voice. Thanks for that.




Micro setup was amazing, but it won't install recent windows media player update and i experienced compatibility problem with some of my games so i go for chubby. It got everything i wanted because it removes those unnecessary junks which improves performance and stability. Btw, this machine dedicated for pure gaming pleasure.

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I know what you mean. It wasn't until NHL 2003 that I was first punished for using the 95 shell. Something about the game menu required a newer version of IE installed. Strange.


As for WMP, IIRC, I was using the KLite codec pack which had MANY features such as not having to install Real or QT, but still have access to such content. It also installs WMP Classic, which handles MOST everything. Between you and me, anybody using content so proprietary that basic players can touch it deserve to have a diminished audience.


Still, VERY rare to meet a fellow Lite user. So props and all that wink.gif

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