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GTA VC reflections

Fire Fox

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I've made some models for GTA VC (I'm using ZModeller 1.07) but there is a problem = in game the models don't have reflections.

I tried in many ways but nothing. (In ZM I have reflection applied)

Someone can help me?

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the reflection image that your using in zmod has to be in the txd for the model your using in the game. Also make sure you're choosing "Vice City" when you export, and not gta3. gta3 will not export the reflection image.


If you're doing that already, make sure the faces (triangles) don't have "Disable blending" checked off, in their attributes.

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If I choose "Vice City" when I export the model then it is another problem = the model doesn't appears in game.


OK, I solved the problem. I installed another copy of ZM and all worked fine with the "VC" export.


Thanks DexX


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