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I am unable to start the game


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Radeon 7200

Windows XP , P4

2.00 GHz, 1.99GHz

512 RAM


I am unable to start the game. I do the start, all progs, RS, and GTA/SA.. go thru the menu's and get ready to start and i get an error message.


AppName: gta2.exe AppVer:


it says problem with gta2exe.. has to close, sorry for inconveince.. i have uninstalled and re installed 3 times, nothing is working.. any suggestions? Thank you

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The game's EXE is gta_sa.exe not gta2.exe. That could be your problem.


If GTA2.exe is your trainer or something, it may not be compatible with your version of SA. Try running the game without it. On your game starting menu, look for a number. If there is a 1.1 or a 2 or something, look for a trainer compatible with that version of the game.

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