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No Summer Break for 'Entourage'

New season starts two weeks after current run ends


HBO has been known to let the better part of two years pass between seasons of its original series. That will emphatically not be the case with "Entourage" this summer.


The show's current season is scheduled to come to an end Sunday, June 3. It will then be off the air for all of 14 days before a new season kicks off on June 17, where it will anchor a Sunday lineup that also features two new shows, David Milch's drama "John From Cincinnati" and another comedy, "Flight of the Conchords."


HBO has also set a premiere date for the second season of "Big Love," which will migrate to Monday nights starting June 11.


The short turnaround for "Entourage" owes to the fact that the current episodes are part of the show's third season, which was broken up into two parts, the first 12 airing last summer and the remaining eight saved for this run. The episodes starting June 17 are part of the series' fourth season.


"John from Cincinnati," which centers on a Southern California surfing family and stars Bruce Greenwood, Rebecca De Mornay and Austin Nichols, is set to debut Sunday, June 10, following the series finale of "The Sopranos." It will then move to 9 p.m. the following week.


Anyway, I've been watching this show since day one, it's pretty good. I was worried that this Summer there wouldn't be a new season, since episodes started airing in Spring this year. But, now there's no need to worry, as I have an entire season to look forward to. Also, this season has been pretty damn good so far, Will Sasso was a terrific guest star too,

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Well I've only started watching this show, so I haven't really formed much of an opinion on it, but from what I have seen it seems like a decent show. Jeremy Pivon just makes the show.

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Suprised this topic isn't more active..anyway, tonight's Season Premiere was IMO, pretty damn good.



A behind-the-scenes documentary about the filming of "Medellin" on location in Bogota, Colombia. On the set, Eric and Billy finally clash over keeping the film on schedule and Billy develops an infatuation with Vince's beautiful Colombian co-star that becomes increasingly disruptive to the production. Meanwhile, Drama tries to angle for a part in the film, and Ari provides color commentary from his LA office.


It was definitely a fresh episode and really had me hooked in from start to finish, and I'm really interested in seeing how the production of the film will wrap up.

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I love me some Entourage. It isn't the best written show, it doesn't have Oscar worthy actors, and it is highly unbelievable...but goddamn it is seriously entertaining. The reason I love it so much is because it's funny, it's flashy, and no matter what happens things always tend to work out in the end. It's a feel-good show that you can relax and enjoy watching without having to be emotionally invested. I am about to watch the season 4 premiere here in a few minutes, but had to get my few cents in first. Great show! Jeremy Piven steals every scene he's in.


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Attorney General

Entourage is, literally, the only show I'll watch these days now that The Sopranos is finished. I've been a fan since week one. Jeremy Piven as cutthroat agent Ari Gold gets my vote for funniest TV character ever. Johnny Drama, Turtle and Billy Walsh are not far behind him. The sheer amount of funny one liners and zingers the show provides is in itself, worth tuning in for..."Unless Carmen Electra calls for an emergency t*tty-f*ck...then forget the phones Lloyd!" The plot lines are far-fetched, but hey...it's TV...what do you want? Looks like season 4 is going to be damn good too, well with the opening episode filming in Bogota while the boys are filming the Pablo Escobar epic, Medellin.


icon14.gificon14.gif for Entourage!


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