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Trobleshooting with tram and trains mods


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Hello again, yesterday I downloaded the tram mod so I can drive it and the train mod that haves the train interior. No one of them work, after installing the train mod, train just dissapears, there are no trains, and with the tram mod, the same, I can´t find any tram, I don´t know what to do.


Changing a little bit, I´ve made a train add-on for the trainz railroad simulator, I still have the .3ds what I have to do? If someone want´s to help me colgate.gif


Note: This is the real train



It´s the RENFE DMU S\593 named as "FIAT"


And here are the 3D one:


user posted image


Thxs colgate.gif

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I was forgetting, how can I add more coaches or more locomotives to the train?

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