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Pivot Crap

Recommended Posts

user posted image


What do you think?


It's the first time i've made a pivot animation with weapons 'n junk, and also the first one with multiple backgrounds.


Credit for a few of the objects goes to various people from Droidz.org!

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Not bad, homeboy. Could use a bit of detail, but then again, it IS a stick animation. wink.gif Personally, I'd like to see a close up or two, but I don't think it fits in with the piece.


Anyhow...what's pivot?

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It's a program which comesm with a couple of stick figures to use, and you can bend their limbs at certain points, then you hit Save Frame and repeat that process


*MURDOC*: Not bad for your first attempt with Weapons and such...Quite Good Actually, although at the end you could of done a fade to black or something

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Really the only thing that is wierd is teh blood splatter from the guys neck. Maybe just the spill would have been fine, or splatter on the wall. But its a beautiful animation. Nicely done.
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Thanks a bunch fellas!


It took me about an hour to do, I just kinda made things up as I went along, downloading a few object sped the process up a bit.

Some of the effects toward the end are a bit dooky because i was getting tired and my hand started cramping really bad from my mouse.

I really want to get a pen for my computer so I dont have to use the mouse for so long.


Right now, im working on a few other animations that are using mostly custom-made characters and objects.


I'll post them when they are done. (which probably wont be too soon, since they are big and rather lengthy)


Thanks again for the critiques guys!

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I Have used pivot and i have got to say....That is 'freaking awesome.



It could be a tad slower, And slow mo would look cool on the jump from the buidling.




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It's weird, when I viewed it on my computer before posting, it was slower.


Now it looks like it drank a few cups of black-joe!


Heres old ones.


Stick-dudes first attempt.user posted image



But then.............


Stick-dude nails it!

user posted image

Go stick-dude!

Edited by *MURDOC*
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