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Game Lag Issues


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I got a problem after not enough virtual memory problems with BF2.

After my BF2 installation, I wanted to play GTA:SA. When I got in the game, I got a car, and drove around. I noticed some lag problems, I believe BF2 f*cked with my virtual memory settings. The problem is when I drive or swim or run or whatever but I move fast, my sound & graphics lags every 2-3 seconds. When I just walk around the game runs very smooth.


I tried setting on lowest settings, nothing works..

I even ran a performance test for RAM, everything seems ok.


• What platform: PC

• What version number of GTA: SA: 1.0

• What CPU and its speed: AMD Athlon 64 3000+

• How much RAM, also what kind (DDR, SDRAM) and speed: 333Mhz 1024MB RAM

• What video card: ATI Radeon 9600XT With updated drivers.

• Which version of Windows: WinXP SP2

• Which DirectX version: DirectX 9.0c

• What sound card: Realtek '97

• History: I reinstalled the game twice. It worked before without any issues, everything was smooth before my BF2 installation.

• Screenshots: No.



EDIT: It also stutters when it's about in the middle of game loading. (The bar thingy)

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A little update.


Now, when I launch the game it says: Grand Theft Auto SA cannot find Audio card installed


And in my device manager, theres a little '!' on Microsoft Kernel Wave Audio Mixer.


Help appreciated.


EDIT: Nevermind.

I got that error because I messing with the processes.

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Maybe your disk is f*cked? If not you have a very common sound card problem it might not be directX9 compatible if thats not it you'll have to buy a new one confused.gif

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My disk is f*cked. tounge.gif But games were running smooth before.

By the way: The sound card problem is gone now.

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