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Glitch on PS2 !


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There is a garage round portland docks which has a pretend door which you can just walk through.


the only way i can describe the garage i mean, is the garage where you go on liberty city stories to do the mission " Portland Chainsaw Masquerade "


or for those who havnt played it .


on the mission " CHAPERONE " on gta 3, you will drive to a ware house for a party.

that ware house is on the very left of that road. this garage is on the very right.


i hope you understand what i mean turn.gif


it comes handy for losing heat wink.gif

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i dont know if its gonna work forya, like i said i have it on my pc too and it doesnt work on that.

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It's not Portland Docks, it's Atlantic Quays. and if you say the southwesternmost building in Atlantic Quays, it tells the story. As mentioned, it won't work for PC users, so it certainly won't be that way for XBox users. However, PC users can take use of my Neo mods to get inside that and any other building they'd like.
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thanks for correcting . i couldnt remember the name of it tounge.gif

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I already know this glitch. I watched it in one video full with the PS2 glitches! You can find it on YouTube .

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I'm beginning to think that terms like glitch, patch, easter egg, etc are lost on this generation. It's not a glitch. It's an overlooked collision datum. GTA3 is full of them.
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Most people see it as, if the game lets you do something or does something it's not supposed to do its a glitch or a bug.

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boring seen it done it all before

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Nope. That would be an oversight. A mistake made by the programmers. A glitch would be driving a low profile car, such as a Banshee, under the wing of one of the jets. Get out and suddenly you're in the subway below. THAT is a glitch.
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No, it would be an oversight. Hence being called an oversight. If I create something and forget one part, the part I forgot would not be a glitch. I appreciate you making my point that people overuse certain buzzwords, but you're wrong.
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I've been stuck in a garage in Shoreside Vale before - I followed the EP Securicar (Escort Service) to the end, and after a while the door came down and I appeared on top of it, stuck. This was on the PS2 version as well.


In another strange thing, occasionally when you get in the front door of the subway train, you reappear on the roof of the tunnel. It doesn't happen all the time though.

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Good examples of true glitches. That just happened to me in LCS. Thankfully, it was one of MY garages so as soon as I got off the bike, the door reopened. It was still funny to see for the first time a garage close on you.
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