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MEd vs. KEd

QA Puma

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for SA you have no choice but to use MEd as KEd does not support SA.


for VC and gta3 i would plump for KEd, why? because it has a multitude of features that are not present in MEd.


one main advantage of KEd over MEd for VC is that it visually displays cullzones, occlusions and zones along with ped paths, it also supports comment (#) lines within the gta3.dat, the interface also seems a lot more ergonomic in a few ways but KEd also has some little quirks you will get used to, but then again MEd also has it's fair share of quirks.


next time you post a question, please be a little more specific in you're needs, ie: which game do you want to map with ?



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What is KEd? I have never heard of it!

in that case maybe you should go explore the website on the other end of This Link !! before asking any more "GTA modding" questions.

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kED is Moo Mapper, You can Download it Here!

Personnally, I Prefer MED (I'm More Used to it) That can be Downloaded Here!

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