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post vids of san andreas bike stunts


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Dude, are you seriously going for some sort of record regarding locked threads started in a day?


Anyone else have any silly words to share?

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Mafia Righthand_Man

Seriously, now. You're in the express lane to getting a ban. My advice would be to cool off on the topics.

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So because no one posts in the SA section you think that's reason enough to put a SA related topic in the GTAIV section? If everyone followed that logic this place would be a mess.

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yeah dude... thats not a excuse to put this topic here... the reason why sections were created was to keep an order on discussions so... sorry but this will locked... and go post it on SA sec

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Everybody realizes that this is in the GTA SA General Discussion now, right? That is right it is moved and the moved indicator will alert you of this in the GTAIV section. Thanx, HGF

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Master Yayo

Just to name a few biggrin.gif all youtubes...

"As One Again"
























"SA Smackdown"



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