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I have converted Korin model for GTA:SA.

The author of Korin model is nkinta and he created the model for Half-life2.

When I converted this model, I added a little shading to original texture.

nkinta has given me permission. Thanks nkinta!

This is two version models, it's GIMP SUIT version and PED version.

Please choose the model according to the usage used.

You can download below my site.




user posted image


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Holy crapshakes that's a good model - such detail and no imperfections!


10 points for doing the model the justice & respekt it deserves with your conversion, love it!

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The gimpsuit version makes me laugh a little, cj's anims just don't fit alot of body types.

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xmas.gif Your ped mod is awsome! It is the most flawless ped for San Andreas that I have ever seen! I love your work and hope you make some more female peds. I used your korin ped to replace one of Carls girlfriends and will certainly be looking for more of your work! I also checked out your site and you have some really great stuff there too! Thanks for all of your hard work!

Thanks, Dan

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Claude GTA3

I wish I had a girlfriend like that



user posted image

"Stealing, running, fighting, punching, kicking, screaming. This is the way I have chosen to live. I will accept the consequences"

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Finally, a japanese girl for San Andreas! I have been waiting for one like this! Now make some japanese guys! Great work!

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