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New idea perhaps?


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Ok here is a new idea, im thinking something of a .50 caliber sniper rifles for SA. You know one of those huge things like the M82A1. I would try to make this rifle, and let people down load it, but i dont know where to go or how to make weapons. Can any 1 here tell me where i go to make weapons? I once saw that some people made a tommy gun, and a dragunov, now that was nice, but picture a .50 cal smile.gif yeah.....nice cool.gif

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to tutorial forum u go ,

as far as i know it

youll need IMG-tool , a Texure-tool, 3D-tool (dont know for shure) and if you want to make it sound difrent from the original youll need an audion-tool of some sort

try lookin in to da this topic:


btw youll need blue prints , ahh and allmost forgot some exp on Moddeling and a good weel , and some spear time cuz such kind of work wont be done in 1 /2 houres smile.gif wish you luck on the idea of yours

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