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Need help... Bad Style!


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Installed mods with GGm, Sami, and IMG Tool... All with the same result: Halway Loads and then freezes up... Sorry if this is such an idiot thing to post, but I just got Second Edition today... Thanks in advance!!

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Only version 1.0 is moddable

Indeed. Use a down-grader (search Google for one - links will not be provided here as they violate forum policy) to force your game to emulate version one and thus enable modifications. Alternatively, if you don't mind getting your hands dirty, follow this in-depth tutorial.

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they say that v1.0 is only moddable.... but i can fix that(without ANY DOWNGRADERS)follow these steps-


1- download Alcis img editor from this address, http://gta-worldmods.planet-multiplayer.de...&catid=6&type=4


2-download the car that you want.


3- create a new line in gta.dat opened in wordpad like this,


# Load IDEs first, then the models and after that the IPLs







4- Download IMGTOOL from any of your good gta websites


5-open alcis img editor, then create a new file. then import the files of your car/vehicle

save your img file as "CARS.IMG"


6-open IMGTOOL then open GTA3.IMG, then press F2 then find the car you want to replace for example; supergt then rename them like this; supergt.dff to supergt.OLD

and supergt.txd to supergt.old

close IMGTOOL without rebuilding archive.



if it isn't working, reinstall GTA SA then repeat the steps.


Let me know if its worked!


see ya!


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DexX im sorry forgot about that i am very forgetful sometimes, but ill keep that in mind, cheers!

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WOOOHOOOO! finally! now i won't have to go through ALL them steps! Have some cookies for finding this! cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif

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