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Map destination marker won't go away


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I've been playing since late last week, and I've noticed a destination marker at Sweet's house for most of that time. There isn't a Sweet mission active, so I don't know why it's there. It's not a big deal, other than the annoyance of it always showing up on the radar and giving a false reading of where I need to go. I just hope it doesn't end up being a big deal at some later point in the game.


To give an idea of where I'm at in the game, I recently finished Big Smoke's first fight against the Russians, and Tenpenny's tip about the Ballas and the Russians at the warehouse. The only active missions on the board are the first lowrider race and the race option at the Forum.


I'm just wondering if this is a known bug, or what. Here's an illustration:


user posted image

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I haven't seen anything like it before, not that that means much. My guess would be that it is the location you needed to drive to at the end of "Sweet's Girl" (though it has been a while since I played so easily could be something else). I doubt it would do anything bad or it will go away sometime on its own, although if you are going for 100 percent or are very cautious I'd consider checking some other save games if you have any to see if they have it and if they don't going back to that stage.

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I'm too far to go back now--I just opened up the Vegas section (not even sure what the city is called yet!)--but you're probably right that it's something left over from Sweet's Girl. It continues to be annoying in the fact that it shows up on the radar along with my real objective, but I've learned to ignore it. Thanks for the reply.

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