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Hey guys,

I'm having trouble finding the USJ mentioned in the following description:


Jump: Wash Beach, center of north dock. Run N on a jetski from the south dock.

There are two jetties extending west from a parking lot behind a long building (including parking garage) in the extreme SW portion of the east island, just north and west of Lance's place. From above they look like Scrabble plays, with branches sticking out in all directions at right angles; several boats are moored in this area. Ignore all the branches and look for the basic jetties that extend west from land. Pier One, the north jetty, has an underwater ramp along its south edge, about halfway out to the branches. Run north on a jetski and hit that ramp.


If anyone gets the chance, would you mind pinpointing this on a map please?

'Preciate it!!! rolleyes.gif

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It's hard to pinpoint but I do know for a fact there are only 3 jumps that use the jet ski. In correspondence with this map the jumps that use such vehicle are numbers 24, 29 and 30.


Sorry I couldn’t be more specific but it narrows it down to 3 possibilities all of which wont take too much time to check and see if you have done them.

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