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In fact, this is just a link to a link to a blog.

Anyone can make up anything on a blog these days...

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9)Helicopters ARE in the game.


13)Planes are out because it isn't realistic enough

I don't know what kind of a rock you have to crawl out from under to look at these two statements and think that they make sense together.

Actually you seem to be living under a rock aswell because this is true. There are helicopters but there aren't any planes.

I am well aware of that, but realism cannot be an issue. If main character can fly helicopters, he can fly planes. There are two airports in queens, giving you both a place to get planes, and fixed wing air traffic over NYC. From realism perspective, you either have both or neither.

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Just got back from uni and read the replies to my earlier post. Some nice people on this forum.


I would like to apologise for being vague earlier but I really don't want to end up with a copyright infringement charge being sent to me by the publisher of the magazine. And thanks to the people who didn't just leave a load of abusive nonesense.


For those "nice" people I mentioned:


The mag is the Official Playstation Magazine UK Edition Number 6, June 2007, which I think is due on store shelves on 2nd May. I only have it early because I subscribe to the magazine.


The GTAIV exclusive runs from pages 54 to 67. An inteview with Dan Houser is contained in these pages from page 62 to 67 which is where most of the real info is contained.


Also if you read my earlier post properly you may have noticed that I said I didn't want to give any new details away and I wanted to confirm some facts in response to some of the topics I have read from people speculating what may or may not be in the game.


Character customisation such as in San Andreas is also out for IV.


Once again, thankyou for reading.



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Merged, Renamed and Moved icon14.gif


Sorry about the confusion before, thanks for the info smile.gif

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no familiar faces notify.gifmercie_blink.gifcryani.gif

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so does the 17) mean ps3 will have exclusive content?In some way at least!!

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Best keep it all in one topic, and as the other one has scans, use that.



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