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Editing Planes


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I've been modding my cars with little problem so far but I started switching out some of the planes and have a few questions.


1) How do I make a plane fly faster? Seems like a dumb question, but I installed the exact plane in for the Hydra and the Shamal, and yet the Shamal is slower both in speed and turning.


2) I'm having problems with replacing the Shamal with another plane. I have downloaded both the F15 by Spy3d and one AlexSergeev. Both are very nice and different qualities I like. But with both I am experiencing a very strange problem.


When I enter the or exit the plane, sometimes, and only sometimes, when I'm in the Las Venturas airport I will get a CTD. This is really really weird b\c its not regular. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't, and it only seems to happen at the Las Venturas airport where the two Shamals spawn. Sometimes it crashes when I enter, sometimes when I exit. Sometimes not at all. But it is only when I enter or exit.


I can't figure this out.

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1. You can't make them go faster than the top speed set in the game. Well, you can but with the SCM Loader script injector program.

You can however make them accelerate faster by simply upping the thrust. To look up on the handling line values head over to http://www.projectcerbera.com in the tutorials section, look for handling definitions. I'd also suggest downloading and using his CFG Studio to edit the handling.cfg file, it's spreadsheet format and i find it perfect to mod with.


2. I helped Spy3d with that F-15 actually...

It's set up to work only as a Hydra replacement, not a Shamal replacement. Same with AlexSergeev's I'm pretty sure.

So you'll never get it to work properly as the shamal with out editing the .dff, which is impossible (can't import .dff's of BF2 plane meshes, it goes all nuts, and it's locked anyways I think).

So you're stuck with an F15 Hydra, sorry man.


It mainly won't work because the Hydra has some extra parts, particularly the landing gear is most likely causing your problems. The planes problem sit at an odd angle right? It's most likely the wheel sizes are out of whack for that... and it can cause it to crash and stuff.


A tip though...

Replace the Hunter with the F15. Replace it with the handling lines that came with Spy3d's F15 (both lines, if it only came with one, paste the default Hydra secondary handling line [the lower one, starting with a $ symbol] over the Hunters, but make the vehicle name is still set to hunter of course).

MAKE SURE TO REPLACE THE VEHICLES.IDE LINE TOO!!! Very important for it to work.


It should work just fine that way, and guess what! You have an F15 with guns AND missiles (no lock on, but the guns auto track, very nice, and strong too).

The only problem you'll find with this is when it's sitting on the ground, it'll be all at an angle and stuff, maybe a little hard to get in.


Also, it loads as if landing gear is down (like on a plane) so your flaps will be set to high drag mode. Before you take off hit the raise gear button (also toggles Vigilante mode). Then when you take off, press it again, it will turn off Vigilante mode and raise your flaps, only downside is the gear will stay deployed but it won't affect flight.


Hope that will work for you, it definitely livens up dog fights!

If you want vary your planes, check out gtainside.com or gta-worldmods.de, I have several BF2 plane conversion (A-10 [rustler replacement], SU 34 [hydra], F18 [hydra], and I think there's another, can't remember though)

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thanks Pic for your response and PM.


I messed around w\ the plane more and more and found that my handling.cfg file was all messed up from using an editor I believe called the 'ultimate editor'. It thought the Shamal was a car and was causing many problems. I went back to my backups, and replaced the Shamal w\ AlexSergeev's F15 (his is clean and fits in an airport better, while the Spy3D w\ bombs fits in as the hydra better).


So right now all seems to be working fine.


Some of the problem lies in that I mostly use SAMI to install mods, which is good b\c its easy and bad b\c its not always percise enough. Though I remember trying to mod GTAIII w\ IMG tool 1.0 only to end up reinstalling 10 times. I have IMG 2.0 and have used it a few times, and maybe its me just being stupid but I'm still weary of it.


I will check out the tut you posted, I'm aware of the SCM limiter remover, though I haven't tried it. Mostly I'd just like the Shamal to roll a bit quicker, like a fighter.


I've seen your BF2 conversions, pretty cool I'd have to say. I'm not too keen on having foriegn fighters fly around, but the F-18 and F-15 are both great models. Right now I'm looking for some more planes to replace the cropduster with. My absolute favorite plane is the stunt plane, and I'm always looking for an updated model of an extra 300, if you're taking requests wink.gif



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Well glad you got it worked out then icon14.gif

And nope, sorry, not taking requests atm tounge2.gif

Picolini is now Pico


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