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Better weapons! (and Stuff)


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Sorry if this has been posted before but my search didn't turn anythin up so...


I just think it's kewl as hell how quickly Molotovs blow sh*t up now. Soon as the fire hits something (other than a tank) B O O M and it's gone. I've also noticed that choppers are W A Y easier to shoot down too. THANK YOU R*!


On that note too, I gotta say that cars/bikes handle better and more realisticly this time around too. I love how some cars will rip donuts, PCJ's powerslide more than 180 degrees, and now for the best part...


Fast cars and bikes can outrun the cops!


IMHO the best thing thats happened to GTA in a long time.

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Also, I noticed this too, if you look closely when your driving an Infernus, you can see a small amount of reflection on your windshield. Hope fully they would've enhanced this featur in GTA IV. Try it out. icon14.gif

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Speaking of taking down helicopters:

I'm playing SA again. I got into a 5 star chase, and went to the top of the tallest skyscaper in San Fiero. When the choppers started attaching, I found that ONE shot from the sniper rifle would take them down. Again and again, 1 shot, boom. 1 shot, boom.

A bit strange?

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i find that in vc aswell, but it only works if u shoot sorta where the rotor blade is attached to the body of the chopper, possibly a bit lower

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