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Hard San Andreas


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Download this if you think that u dont die fast enough.


Police on car and bike cant shoot for sh*t , they miss liek 50% point blank.

But they do more damage + have more energie.

Its more fun cuz you can have 3 starts without losing 1/4th of your energie.


Swat and Chopper and FBI will kill you, even while running, no matter what.

They r accurate shooters + they do more damage then police.

Also chopper bullets r strong to.


Killing gangsters in fist fight is lethal unless they only have pistols.

U die before you kill a gangster with your barehands, unless he's alone.


Also there are no double wielded weaponry. Only the silenced pistol.



Mod thief: Suction Testicle Banned

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I should mention this..


If you dont like not having double weapons, then dont change the weapon files.


The stats r the same, only the police dont do much damage.



Mod thief: Suction Testicle Banned

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@SecretCriminal> double posting is looked down on in this forum, man. Being new you can get away with it a couple times but edit instead, please. Also, it can happen accidentally sometimes and this is understood. Otherwise it seems like a cheap way to bump.....not that some threads when popular enough don't deserve one or if seriously informative..need one.


I use PS2 so I am unable to use your load/links.


Language use needs to be %%$$*@ @ least partially....Thanx, HGF

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