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Less car-damage mod?


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I am finding the car damage in SA is rather sensitive - I barely tap a car backing out and my bumper/back is all dented - bad when I just modded a car, etc. I've been looking for a mod, or some way to tweak the damage sensitivity of cars.


I've googled around, searched various GTA mod places (attempted to search this forum but search is disabled momentarily).


Any idea? Thanks.

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Thanks for quick replies.


I'll check out the tut forum, but here's what I found: HANDLING.CFG if you modify the AB parameter, it will adjust the car's damage range - but not it's *visual* damage appearance. I set a taxi to 5.0 and it blew up after 2 hits tounge.gif



Alright, I see nothing relevant throughout the tut forum.

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Suction Testicle Man

Thanks for looking there at least. You can't prevent damage parts from appearing by just editing the data files unfortunately. Your best bet is to import the car you don't want to be damaged into Zmod2 (assuming this is SA, you want zmod1 for 3 or VC) and then delete each damaged model, and make duplicates of the originals, and rename them to what the damaged versions were called. Again, this sadly won't stop doors from eventually falling off after excessive damage, but they won't ever appear dented.


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Or you could create a basic SCM hook DLL that just resets the damage on say a 500 ms timer with this opcode:



0852=2,set_vehicle %1d% damages_visible %2h% 


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Although it's nothing to do with modding, you could just use the good old health cheat to panelbeat your cars! wink.gif

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