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Why do the yardies attack u?


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once u complete the mission where u have 2 lure the forellis to the yardies ambush the yardies attack u. Now every time u walk past yardies they attack u. why? cuz u helped them confused.gif

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Hmm, seeing as no-one has replied, I guess I will.

I have no idea why they attack you honestly, I asked myself the same question when I played the game (thinking I have missed something in the dialogue or storyline).

But it seems they just attack you for no given reason. Maybe they are just cockheads, or they are very territorial, or possibly they attack you because they begin to form a drug/business relationship with the Colombian Cartel who are your enemies.

But yeah, I also asked myself the same question in GTA3, but I'm beginning to think that was because the Yardies and Cartel are allies, and because the Cartel hated Claude, the Yardies set him up.


But if we've learned anything from GTA's, its don't trust Carribean gangs - eg. Yardies from LC & Haitians from VC

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Brenteus Maximus

The yardies never were known for their loyalty. Look at the final yardie mission in GTA 3. I think they will use outsiders but only as long as they are useful to them. After that, TFB for whoever was in their employ and outlived their usefulness.

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