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Post you OMG moments! [Funny, Not WTF]

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Ghost Pulaski

A cop stole my Buffalo when I left it to look at a rare biker ped :D

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Posted (edited)

When I was playing Green Sabre mission, I was shooting at incoming ballas van and it started rolling and flipping and then it exploded in the air but that was the best moment ever like in some action movie, too bad it wasn't like that in San Andreas

Edited by lil weasel

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Posted (edited)

I just did the quarry mission #5 in which we have to deliver explosives to verdant meadows.i completed it and went back with the big vehicle near the safehouse and saved the game.Once i exited the house,i saw the alloted vehicle moving on its own.I thought it was being stolen so i ram towards it but it stopped when i reached and no one was in that thing.what is this?

Edited by lil weasel

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Obb Porff
Posted (edited)

This happened today:

I had used ghost town cheat and was driving in a Buffalo. Then I changed car for the nrg500 at its location in ls. I was also using perfect handling to escape easily. I reached the top floor of that bike location and accelerated ahead. I pulled up to jump off the roof and landed...on a police car! There were 5 or so cars around sticking with that car and I rode over all 5 of them! My most funny moment in gta sa ever


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I started a new game and suddenly without any reason I got a 3 star wanted level. Then while riding the bmx ryder was hit by a cop car and did not fall off but the driver of cop car stopped and got out and shot at ryder. He was trying to get out of the circle of cop cars and I could not go far because if I did then ryder wont come. The police was shooting at ryder maybe 50 bullets per minute and he did not take any damage. I was laughing at how lots of blood was coming out of ryder but then the cops busted me. I still blame that n*gga for mission fail.

Edited by lil weasel

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