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help with ggmm


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ok, i know that somewhere amongst the 45 pages of topics, im sure there is another post that is describing what im about to, but i just dont have the constution to look through all of them. Im having a problem with the ggmm.

It loads just fine, it looks great, but when i installed it, i read the read-me, and did as it said. (in reference to going into help and setting all associated files with ggm files.) However, whn i downloaded car mods from gtagarage, i saved them to a folder where i planned on keeping all of downloaded car files. When i selected the install car package on the ggmm menu, i went to the folder with the appropriate files, and they did not appear. I was unable to change the file format from gta garage mods, and when i checked the description of the ggmm, from where i downloaded it from , it said that all the car files would be downloaded in a Zip-comparable format. Either way, i cannot load or install the car packs with the ggmm. Does anyone have any insight on this matter?

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If I'm reading you correctly you'll need to unzip the files using winrar then export them to said folder.


If I'm not, then not a scoob.

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nope, doesnt work. Maybe im not explaining myself thoroughly enough. When you click on the install tab, in the ggmm program, one of the options is 'Install Car Package'. If you select that, an open box pops up, allowing you to browse for the package that you want loaded. Now, at the bottom of the box, it says 'files of type', and then it lists 'GTAgarage MOD'. It doesnt allow you to change or select another file format, such ZIP Files, etc.

Now in the description listed pertaining to the download of this program, listed ON THIS SITE, it says that the car mods are .gmm files, that are comparable to ZIP files, compression-wise. If that is the case then why has every car mod i have downloaded from this site been in regular ZIP format? Also, if it is recommended that car mods be downloaded form GTS garage, for use with GGMM, the howcome when i try to search for the mod packs for install, they do not show up?

I was under the assumption that the GGMM was supposed to make install new cars easier, without the hassle of having to manually manipulate the script, but unfortunately, thats seems to be the only option i have, which is a shame because the GGMM was highly recommended over the SAMI, but the SAMI had installed atleast 2 car mods before it didnt work on me anymore. That is 2 more than the GGMM has ever gotten with me.

Actually, instead of banging your head, wondering if you've read my message right, do this; If someone would be so kind, would you please, write a detailed series of steps that you would take, from starting the GGMM, to downloading a desired car mod. What do you do , from the second you press the download link, to the second you have San Andreas loaded and ready . I know this thing has been out for a while, so i dont think its too crazy to hope that there is someone out there who's more than confident in how this program works. thank you.

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It really is easer to install car mods or weapons with ggmm.

Most of what i seen at gtagarage in either in rar or zip.

Doesnt really matter if they dont have the ggmm extention.

Once you unzip the folder or rar file all the files need for

the mod are there hopefully.

You can do the manual install which is just as simple to do.

You place the txd file in the txd file line, and the dff in

the dff line just click the folder button to the side, and going

to where you unzipped the folder.

If any other information such as the coll file or ide etc is

included with the mod then ad those.

Then click the install and your done, exit out of the mod installer

menu, and close the program and your set to go.

Also if you click on the ? mark you would want to make sure

you check the box at the bottom, so ggmm files can be associated

with the progam.

So if when you do find a mod using the ggmm format you just double

click that one file it will open up in ggmm, showing you the readme

instruction first before clicking the install button.

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Please put spaces in between your paragrahps, that was bloody hard to read.


Right first off, GGMM only supports its GGMM format mods, any zip, rar and other compressed files you downloaded, will have to be extracted from the file and placed into a folder.


Then you can add new cars to your game.


1) Download mod

2) Extract files from compressed archive to a folder

3) Fire up GGMM and choose Auto Installer

4) Choose your GGMM file and away you go

5) close GGMM and fire up GTA:SA


Hopefully that will help you.

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  • 14 years later...

How do I uninstall the car mods I putted throughout gta sa, I tried searching them manually by opening every single god damn folder, and yet all of them seems to not contain the vehicle mods i wanted to uninstall

Please help me with this, 


I tried uninstalling GTA SA

I fired GTA SA, I though it worked, i went to san Fierro and saw the modded car that caused problem


The problem:

The car made my GTA SA look like a 1980's graphic, when I look front, the back becomes like i viewed it from a far area than, its like it rendered so slow, but when i look front, all textures did the same aswell,


I was so furious, and i dont have Virtual store to see it too, I look back at GGMM and the mod is still there, whenever the car loads, everything goes wrong



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