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Wierd problem..


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Ok, so I just got GTA San andreas, and I was going to get the Mod for Multiplayer(SA-MP), so I downgraded to v1, and got the mod, it works fine, but whenever I play the game now, my graphics are all messed up, my smoke is like purple, everything has a darker tone, and is more.. like, pixelys in a way. I tried re installing and everything, it's really annoying me. CJ looks all like sharp, and has dots around him and eveything, and no this is not a problem with my graphics card, I tested F.E.A.R, and Unreal Tournament 2004, and they ran fine without any graphic bugs, or pixels. Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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I wouldn't rule out a driver problem, the documents for every driver release are full of notes about bugs that only affected single games.


Try posting something about your computer, like the things listed at the top of the forum.


Operating system (XP users: be sure to mention if you have SP1 or SP2)

Video/Graphics card type + graphics memory


RAM (random access memory)

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I did this totally around the wrong way but did you have problems with it before you used the mod? what about before you used the "downgrader"?

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That is your problem then, but apart from being told to reinstall the game's normal files it is doubtful you will get much help with it here as this forum is for help with unmodified versions of the game. There used to be a topic about the practice of "downgrading" over in one of the modding forums but I don't know if it is still there or whether it was for troubleshooting problems.

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I fixed it, I was running 1280x1024 x16, All i did was switch from x16 to x32 bit, i didnt realize I was on 16..lol

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