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Please be aware that this is not a tutorial request forum! Use the appropriate topic for the effect.

[3DMAX][SA] Move-able objects

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Okay, for everyone who wants to make moveable objects, here is a tutorial:


user posted image


You need to have your model done and textured, then export the dff etc. and then for the COL we need spheres and boxes, so create some spheres and scale them.


user posted image


when done, open collision IO, select by col mesh the model (you can also select a shadowmesh, it works too) and select all the spheres, set the name and click export.


user posted image


Then you have something like this, but you have faces and we want boxes, so select the faces and click 'replace by box' its very easy in this model, because its already created by boxes. (note, I think you can also create the box in Max and export with the same way of the spheres)


user posted image


okay, done with the col and dff, the thing now is to define to object and to place it, its very easy. The IDE works as a normal object, no special flag icon14.gif


Then open the object.dat file (data folder), find a good space (moveable objects, dynamic, breakables, etc) and paste a line, I used this one:



;Name  	Mass  TurnMass	AirResistance	Elasticity	PercSubmerged	Uproot	CDMult	CDEff	SpCDR	CamAv	Expl	--Copy from here               testtable  50.0,  50.0    	0.99,  0.05,  50.0,  0.0,    1.0,	0,	0,	1,	0,	0,	0.0, 0.0, 0.0,  none



The mass is the size of the object in Kilograms. the turnmass should be the same (didn't do much tests with this), the airresistace defines itself, the other thing I don't know very good. Its good to read the instructions in the top of the file, those helped me a lot.


I hope I didn't forget anything..


Edit: Fixed the IDE thing. You don't need any IDE, thanks Aschratt icon14.gif

Edited by Jost_Vice

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/rated good


Thumbs up, nice tutorial. A small animated gif. showing the effects in game would be nice. But still good. smile.gif

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Nice Tutorial, but...



okay, done with the col and dff, the thing now is to define to object and to place it, its very easy, the only thing you need to know is the IDE ID should be 2097280. (maybe there is some others with alpha flags)


The Flag could be also a Standart-Flag. The Object.dat entry is the only thing which makes your Object Moveable!

The Flag you posted makes the Engine rendering the Textures on both sides of a Face in the Model (And No Cull-Surface is also enabled).



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