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IN Game Text problems


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I am trying to input extra Text Boxes upon completing certain tasks (the black boxes you see on the upper left/right of the screens) but when I try and do it it never displays in game


I am playing Vice City (incidentally it never worked for me in SA aswell)


Maybe I have missed doing something but so far I have created a new entry in the MAIN section of the GXT with the relevant info and used the Opcode "03E5" but no matter what I do it just doesn't display!!


Am I doing something wrong?


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try to estimate where exactly the fault is:

1. is that script code of yours (means you play with textboxes with original ingame text and they do not show up either)

2. is that gxt file fault (means original gxt entries are displayed but custom aren't)

that will speed you solution because we do not know where to look and for what. in case 2 you can already start to read about gxt editing ReadMe/FAQ and topics around forum. i personally never edited gxt as i do that over memory edit from script so i can not be helpful in this case.

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In Vice City there is a limit to how many key entries can exist in the american.gxt file - it's only a few more than the original count. This might be relevant if you've added a fair few entries to the GXT file, as some won't show up if you've exceeded the limit.

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