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GTA IV Forums Directory - Everything you need


Recommended Posts


user posted image




Welcome to the Directory. It was created for two purposes:

1 - To gather notable topics and make them easy to locate for your reading pleasure.

2 - An effort to reduce highly recurring topics.


• A lime Topic Title means the topic has a poll.

• Tip: Use Ctrl+F to search for keyword(s)


Table of Contents


1.  News/Info


Magazine previews, upcomming events.


2.  Trailer Discussion


Trailer analysis, findings, etc.


     2.1 Trailer 1


Title: "Things Will Be Different".


     2.2 Trailer 2


Title: "Looking for that Special Someone".


     2.3 Trailer 3




3.  Location Discussion


Cities, maps.


     3.1 Liberty City Discussion


Maps, mobility, hoods, after dark, graffiti, etc.


     3.2 *reserved*




4.  Vehicle Discussion


Vehicles, driving & handling, damage, mods, traffic A.I., etc.


5.  Character Discussion


Confirmed and speculated characters.


     5.1 Main Character


Niko Bellic: clothing, nationality, WASTED, etc.


     5.2 NPC Characeters


All other characters: Roman, Elizabeta, etc.


6.  Game Feature Ideas and Discussion


Ideas, specualtion, confirmed features.


     6.1  Police


Tactics, A.I., spawning, etc.


     6.2  Weapons


New weapons, finding weapons, buying weapons, aiming.


     6.3  *reserved*




     6.4  Communication


Phones, mobile phones, television.


     6.5  GTA clone-inspired features


Good features found in other games of this genre.


     6.6  Ped activity


Actions, reactions, speech, clones, prostitutes.


     6.7  Monetary System


Money, banks, ATMs, investing, acquiring.


     6.8  Story & Theme


Rags, riches, realism, missions, themes, etc.


     6.9  Multiplayer


Mode ideas


     6.10 Character Functions


Combat, climbing, damage, meters, etc.


     6.11 Misc.


Seasons, girlfriends, unwanted features, 100% completion, etc.


7.  Soundtrack Discussion


Song wishlist, radio station genres, talk shows.


8.  Technical Discussion


How it works.


     8.1  Graphics


R.A.G.E. (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine)


     8.2  Physics


DMS, etc.


     8.3  Other


Real time, loading, sound.


9.  Platform Discussion


Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC.


10. Humor in GTA


Spoofs, ads, easter eggs, etc.


11. Conspiracy Theories & Controversies


Bigfoot, Deep throat, children, Game ratings.


12. Other


Q&A, trivia, gore, fan-made trailers, etc.


13. GTA4/neXt Forum Index by meta187


The old index.


Edited by Xcommunicated
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1. News/Info


Back to Top
Topic Title


Topic Starter




Game Informer: May Issue Photographs




Photos of the first GTA IV magazine preview


Game Informer: May Issue Typed Content




Typed version of the GI preview


Reiner GTA IV Q&A




Follow up Q&A to the Game Informer preview


OPM UK Scans




Scans of the OPM UK June preview


OPM: June Issue Typed Content




Typed version of OPM scans with pics by Geomy


Official XBox 360 Mag GTA4 Preview Scans


Loose Head


Scans of the X360 magazine preview that includes some new info and another interview with Dan Houser.


Xbox 360 Official Magazine: Typed Content




A typed version of the magazine scans with pictures by Geomy


OPM Italy - New artwork and some new info




OPM Italy summary, scans and translated text.


OPM - AUS preview




OPM Australia summary and scans


German GamePro




Summary of the German GamePro preview


Lost GTA IV Hints From The Past Found




An interview from late 2004 with Sam Houser that was never fully posted to the intraweb.


Issue 2 - GTA IV News Free Magazine




An ezine covering basic news and info stemming from the first trailer as well as real world ads being spotted.


What Will Be Comming Up?




Topic with upcoming important dates


Analyzing Game Informer Article


ya mum


A breakdown of the first magazine preview.


Analyzing Games™ Article


ya mum


Ya mum offers another in-depth analysis, this time on Games™ magazine's IV coverage.


2. Trailer Discussion


Back to Top
2.1 Trailer 1


Back to Top
Topic Title


Topic Starter




Top Ten Trailer Secrets




Discussion on the article by Jordan, posted on his partner site, planetgrandtheftauto.com


Shot-By-Shot Breakdown




Another planetGTA article by Jordan.


Possibly Overlooked Features




Rob. discusses potential new game features that may have been revealed in the first trailer.


2.2 Trailer 2


Back to Top
Topic Title


Topic Starter




The Official 2nd Trailer




Content of the second trailer is discussed here.


What have you noticed in the new trailer?




A list of things discovered in the second trailer.


Whos the someone special?




Speculation about the second trailer "Looking for that Special Someone" to be released June 28th.


2.3 Trailer 3


Back to Top
Topic Title


Topic Starter




Third Trailer, What will it be called?




Speculation over the yet-to-be-released third trailer.


3. Location Discussion


Back to Top
3.1 Liberty City Discussion


Back to Top
Topic Title


Topic Starter




Closed or open map


jack thompson


A poll asking whether the map should be open or closed from the start.


How would YOU get around LC?




A poll asking about your prefered choice of mobility.


Laying Out Liberty City




An attempt to create a map based on different viewing perspectives of buildings shown in the first trailer.


Liberty City: Broker




Laying out the LC borough Broker.






A thread that lists all areas of NYC and NJ and highlights those areas that have so far been confirmed in IV's Liberty City.


Fake Maps Topic


el monoro


A new topic for fake maps of GTA IV's Liberty City.


Location Progression


bigg z


How will Niko progress through Liberty City? Will the map be sectioned off or open from the start?


Ground Zero; World Trade Center


Santa Claus


Discussion over whether or not this location will be found in the new Liberty City.


Underestimating the size of Liberty City?




More discussion on just how big the new city will be.


Everyone is forgeting this about NYC




Example of how Central Park could compensate for the supposed lack of countryside in IV.


4 out of the 5 boroughs, WTF?




Discussion about the exclusion of NYC's Staten Island from Liberty City.


After Dark




A discussion about how the nightlife of the city will differ from that during the day.


The Nightlife, 6PM-5AM...




Another discussion about the differences in the city between night and day.


A Living City, not just a breathing one




A long-running and in-depth topic about bringing the world much more to life.


GTA IV Liberty City Transit Authority




Details about NYC's subway transit system and how it may appear in LC.


The Subway




Talk of what LC's subway system might be like.






The authenticity of graffiti that should be in the city is discussed.


Closer look at trains/the subway




How closely will LC's transit system reflect that of NYC's?


4. Vehicle Discussion


Back to Top
Topic Title


Topic Starter




Vehicle List




Discussion about the vehicles revealed in Trailer 1, previews and screenshots.


No Planes in GTA IV?




A long, grumbling thread over the confirmation that IV will not be including flyable airplanes.


Traffic AI- Will NPC Drivers Stick to Road Rules?




Discussion about whether traffic will behave in a more true-to-life manner.






Car Features and Weather's Effect


Vehicle Damage




What are you expecting in terms of car damage?






Discussion about a speedometer option


Will cars explode?




A discussion over whether all cars will continue to explode upon reaching a certain point of damage, or if they will sometimes be totaled without ending in a firey mess.


Vehicles in IV




A general discussion about how many vehicles might be in IV.


Who needs planes when you have...




A discussion about other possible aircraft that may fill the void left by the removal of the airplane.


The Dodo: Do We Want it?


Dome Piece


A poll over whether or not the wingless dodo should land in the new LC.


Real life vehicles




What real world vehicles would you like to see spoofed in the game?


Unusual Vehicles: What do you want to see?




Ideas for bizarre uncommon vehicles in the game.


Traffic density




How closely should traffic density be to that of NYC.


How do you think car trunks will affect gameplay?




Thoughts on how this supposedly new feature will contribute to gameplay.


Lock cars and keep them there...




An idea for keeping "your" car where you left it so it will be there upon returning.


How Long Should Abandoned Cars Stay?




Once you've left a vehicle behind in the game, how long should it stay? (See also: lock cars and keep them there.)


Transportation Interiors




The ideas of adding interiors for subway trains, buses, etc. are discussed.


Rockstar's Highway to Heaven, The Highways of GTA4




Thoughts on the highway systems and how traffic AI should behave on them.


Vehicle modification




Speculation on how vehicle modifying may be expanded/improved upon.


What type of cars do you want in Gta IV




Discussing vehicles you'd like to see return or haven't seen in a GTA yet.


Helmets in GTA IV ...




Speculation over the motorcycle helmet being worn in the second trailer.


Gas pumps!




Speculation over the gas pumps seen in the second trailer.


Tanks not realistic?




Thoughts over whether or not tanks fit the realistic approach that is being taken in GTA IV.


5. Character Discussion


Back to Top
5.1 Main Character


Back to Top
Topic Title


Topic Starter




Dress Up The Main Character (Photo Shop Chop)




A photo chop shop game.


Niko Bellic, Eh What A Name


Ronmar The Only


A general discussion stemming from the revealing of the main character's name.


Two Guys In Car - Niko and Roman?




Speculation over a piece of IV artwork.


How Will You Die in GTA IV?




Discussion on what may happen once Niko has been WASTED.


Clothing Discussion




An in-depth thread about the different clothing that may be available for the character.


Niko getting tattoos?




Thoughts on whether tattoos will make a return.


Niko's voice!, VA speculation




Thoughts on who might be doing the voice acting for Niko.


Nationality of Character


Stefan Matovic Cvetkovic


Although it has since been confirmed that the nationality of the character is left ambiguously as Eastern European, here is a poll.


"I am the one who survived", Who didn't survive?




Speculation over what Niko means by this in the second trailer.


In just one friggen minute... ...I became Niko's biggest fan!




A topic discussing responses to the main character, Niko, after seeing the second trailer.


The Many Moods of Niko Bellic




Screen captures of Niko that exemplify the emotional depth of this new GTA protagonist.


5.2 NPC Characeters


Back to Top
Topic Title


Topic Starter




List of Characters


Ronmar The Only


A list of the few characters revealed so far and what is known/specualted about them.


Your Own Gang?




Discussion about customizable gangs


Old GTA Characters Dead?




Discussion over what is meant by most of the old charcter being "dead" as told in interviews.


8 Ball?




Discussion over whether 8 Ball and/or his bomb shops will make a return.


Edited by Xcommunicated
user posted image
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6. Game Feature Ideas and Discussion


Back to Top
6.1 Police


Back to Top
Topic Title


Topic Starter




RBT's and Being Pulled Over




Discussion about having the choice to actually pull over and receive a ticket from the police.


Effects of 9/11 Wearing Off




A Comparison of Police Vehicles


Police Tactics




A discussion asking if we will see much more believable tactics used by the police.


Being pardoned by cops upon finishing a mission...




Opinions on whether or not the heat should remain on you after the completion of missions.


Cop Spawning, Let us get away!




Ideas about law enforcement not continuously spawning at higher wanted levels.


N.O.O.S.E., What do you think it means?




Discussion of the acronym seen on swat uniforms in the second trailer.


6.2 Weapons


Back to Top
Topic Title


Topic Starter




Weapon System (Hold 2 Guns)




The balance between gameplay and realism is addressed with regards to how many weapons the character is capable of carrying at one time.


New Weapons




General speculation about what new weapons there may be.


Weapon Pick Up Animation


Roy the Pirate


How will weapons be picked up in GTA IV?


Aiming Style Revealed?




Possible Aiming Style Revealed For GTA IV


To silence or pick off, Weapon customization




Ideas on adding scopes, suppressors, etc. to guns.


GTA Comical Weapons




Ideas on some of the more comical "weapons" returning.


Piecing together a weapons list




An updated weapons list with pics and additional info.


6.4 Communication


Back to Top
Topic Title


Topic Starter




That Blasted Cell Phone!




A topic discussing the idea of using the calling feature to dial up random/hidden/advertised numbers in IV.


Better Communication With Allies




Discussion about ways to communicate with allied NPCs


Liberty City TV


Vive La France


Ideas on Liberty City having watchable TV stations.


The Cell Phone


xNewtype Acex


More cell phone discussion concerning the confirmation of it's extended uses.


6.5 GTA clone-inspired features


Back to Top
Topic Title


Topic Starter




Best Features From GTA Ripoffs




A thread discussing the best features found in "GTA-inspired" games and how they might be worthwhile if used in GTA IV.


6.6 Ped activity


Back to Top
Topic Title


Topic Starter




When Peds Attack


The Director


A thread discussing ideas on ped behaviors in IV.


Peds will make this game


uzi 9mm


Another thread discussing new ped behaviors in IV.


Advanced AI, What can we expect?




More thoughts on the AI of peds.






The role of prostitutes in IV.


Funny things Peds can say




Peds Say the Damnedest Things!


Pedestrians, Will we see clones?




Discussion over ped clones and if they will occur less frequently in IV.


6.7 Monetary System


Back to Top
Topic Title


Topic Starter




Money Money Money!




Suggestions on having more opportunities to spend cash in the game.


Harder to get money




How money is earned or how difficult it may be to obtain is discussed here.






Discussion over the introduction of ATMs to the game.


Investments: The Liberty city stock exchange?




An idea of being able to use money to invest in stocks, etc.


Making use of Banks




Discussion about making banks interactive and useful in the game.


Buying, A worthy feature.




More discussion on ways to improve on spending money in GTA.


Banks In GTA IV?




The usefulness of banks is discussed.


6.8 Story & Theme


Back to Top
Topic Title


Topic Starter




Rags to Rags, No riches for Niko




A discussion about what Rockstar may have in mind for the character when they speak of the game being largely about 'survival'.


Rags to Riches Story




Thoughts on what Niko's status may be in the end based on choices you make.






A topic addressing what kind of realism IV will likely offer and how it will enhance the game.


Storyline Missions VS. Self-Enriching Missions




Ideas about mixing linear-based missions with open-end missions throughtout the game.


What you think the 'episodes' will be?




A poll asking what you think the episodic content will be.


Choice and Consequence




An in-depth look at the kind of freedom IV may offer based on the interviews with Rockstar found in the first round of magazine previews.


New Consequences!




Discussion stemming from a peice of info found in OP2M UK preview, June 2007.


GTA IV Themes




Thoughts on the overall theme in IV.






A Discussion on the role of the mafia


6.9 Multiplayer


Back to Top
Topic Title


Topic Starter




What multiplayer modes would you like to see?




Given that that non-MMORPG multiplayer has been confirmed, ideas for different modes are discussed.


6.10 Character Functions


Back to Top
Topic Title


Topic Starter




Skyscrapers and throwing people off




Discussion stemming from the revelation of this feature.


Improved Hand-to-Hand Combat




Discussion of improving combat based on other R* games like The Warriors and Bully.


You should be able to piss on things


The Director


Hot Lemonade, anyone?


Climbing Like In SA




Topic about the advancement of the climbing feature given the improved character physics.


Limping When Injured




Ideas about the character limping after taking damage.


Your Display Screen




Ideas on the HUD, radar, menus, subtitles, etc.


Health/Armor Meters


Claude GTA3


Numbers vs. bars, which do you prefer?


More Meters Than Just Health/Armor




Could more meters be useful for showing the state of the character?


Health Bar...Should there be one?




Discussion over the significance of the health bar in the HUD.


Injurys on your person, Scars/Bruises


Roy the Pirate


The idea of Niko showing damage temporarily/permenantly after battles.


6.11 Misc.


Back to Top
Topic Title


Topic Starter








A discussion about the possibility of a change of seasons in IV.






A discusion about having a robust replay feature to playback sequences of action in the game.






Stemming from the GI interview with Dan Houser, A discussion about there no longer being cutscenes in between the gameplay in IV.


Media In LC- News Vans, Etc.




Ideas about the media playing a bigger role in the game.


More things To Do At Safe House


Mr. Murray


Ideas for various activities to do in safehouses are discussed.


Sports Events




Ideas on sprting events transpiring in the game are very briefly discussed.


Live Events




Thoughts on parades, concerts, sports etc.


More Sports?




Discussion on sports to play in GTA IV






Discussion of a possible inventory besides weapons






A discussion about the return of the dating feature and if it will offer anything different over that in SA.


1 Day = 24 Minutes?




A discussion about the ratio of GTA time to real world time and if a GTA day will ever be extended beyond 24 minutes.


100% Completion




Discussion about GTA's infamous 100% completion of the game for IV.


Interactive surfaces


uzi 9mm


With a focus on improving physics, various surfaces and how they may affect gameplay are discussed.


Unwanted Features




A poll on what feature you DON'T want to see return.


Which type of missions do you NOT want to see?




What missions in past GTAs annoyed the piss out of you?


In-Game Continuity




The possibilities of seeing things in the city progress throughout the game.


GTA 1 and 2 in GTA4




The idea of having the first two GTAs as playable video/arcade games within GTA IV.


Cash Cab




The idea of having a triva-style game incorporated into taxi rides on rare occasions.


7. Soundtrack Discussion


Back to Top
Topic Title


Topic Starter




Songs you'd like to hear in GTAIV




Post songs and YouTube videos of songs you'd like to hear on the soundtrack.


Programming On Radio




Ideas for music genres and radio stations for them in IV.


User Made Radio Stations




Mixed discussion about making a user-made station, having more than one user station, adding to existing stations, etc.


Soundtrack Station


Vive La France


Discussion on whether GTA IV may have a station that encapsulates or pays homage to the soundtrack of a particular film, etc.


Talk Shows




Ideas for radio talk shows.


8. Technical Discussion


Back to Top
8.1 Graphics


Back to Top
Topic Title


Topic Starter




What the? GTA IV Graphics




Discussion over the graphical appearance of the game between the first two trailers.


The dreaded Pop In Discovered!




Like past GTAs, the possibility of occasional objects not being rendered fast enough in IV is discussed.


8.2 Physics


Back to Top
Topic Title


Topic Starter




Euphoria discussion




The Euphoria Engine and what it might bring to IV.


I want these physics in GTA IV




Another thread discussing physics in IV.


8.3 Other


Back to Top
Topic Title


Topic Starter




No Loading Times!




Discussion about how Rockstar plans to have no loading times while playing GTA IV.


The Sound of GTA IV




A topic to discuss the audio capabilities the game may deploy via the new technologies of next-gen consoles.


9. Platform Discussion


Back to Top
Topic Title


Topic Starter




Do you own a platform that supports GTA IV?




A poll revealing how many people have yet to buy a console for GTA IV.


Will you buy a console just to play IV?




Another poll asking if GTA IV is your main motivation for buying a console.


Which controller do you think will work better?




Which controller will control Niko better, that of the PS3 or the X360?


The end of the disk size discussion




A discussion giving sound evidence that DVD9 will not be a limiting factor in IV.


10. Humor in GTA


Back to Top
Topic Title


Topic Starter




The meaning behind the words


Gabriel Constantin


A discussion presenting the origins and meanings of words used for locations, brands, etc. in GTA IV.


Spoofs and beyond




A discussion about the spoofs of real world things that were found in the trailer and screenshots.


Your Advertising Campaign


Gareth Croke


A game in which you design your own ad for a fictitious product, service, etc. as though it were to be used in IV, along side Sprunk, etc.


What Kind Of Easter Eggs Do You Want To See?




What do you want to stumble across in Liberty?


Hybrid Vehicles




Talk about parodying hybrid vehicles via ads in the game.


Your ideas for making fun of Saints Row




The many ways Rockstar could parody the game Saints Row.


Jack Thompson parodies in GTA IV




Would you like to Jack a Thompson in GTA IV?


Far Left talk radio!




The idea of having a talk radio station to parody the political left as WKTT will parody the right.


WKTT Radio, what you calling in with? Share here!




What kind of right-wing drivel will you spew for WKTT?


11. Conspiracy Theories & Controversies


Back to Top
Topic Title


Topic Starter




Bigfoot Sightings




Like back in the days of San Andreas, the Bigfoot conspiracy continues...






Someone who mysteriously revealed a few IV tidbits through a series of posts telling a story of his wild and outrageous adventure.


The Big Deep Throat Round-Up




An analysis of deepthroat's series of posts.


Would you kill a digital child?




A long thread over the controversy of children in GTA if they were to be added.


12. Other


Back to Top
Topic Title


Topic Starter




Your Questions Answered




A topic for questions that don't merit their own topic.


When will you buy IV?




A poll asking when you anticipate to have the game in your hands.


Will You Skip School or Work to Get GTA IV?




Will you be found guilty of Grand Theft Holiday?


The New GTA Trivia




Test your knowledge of the GTA series here.


Returning Side Missions?




Compilation of all the side missions from GTA III to GTA VCS and a discussion on what side missions might appear in IV.


Fake Screenshot Archive


Gabriel Costantin


A collection of all the fake GTA IV screenshots that appeared on the interweb. The archive is also available at GTA4.net


Will You Kill People For No Reason?




A poll asking what kind of morals people carry over into the gameworld.


What you will buy, regular edition or special edition?




Which one?


GTA IV: Your Worst Fears?




Do you have fears that the game could not turn out as you think it ought to? Discuss them here.


An intelligent discussion on gore




What level/kind of gore should there be in this new GTA?


What Percent of GTA Players are under 18?




Includes a poll asking for your age group


The First Thing


xNewtype Acex


How will you start off this new GTA?






Although not directly related to IV, this is a video by Jordan based on Koyaanisqatsi with captures from GTA III, VC and SA as inspired by IV's first trailer.


GTA IV Trailer Fan Edit




Jordan applies his superb video editing skills once again offering an interesting new take on the first trailer.


Rockstar & Rockstar North




Discussion over the roles of different Rockstar Games divisions goes here.


Balkan Peace Force


Broker Gangsta


Discussion about the Balkan Peace Force entry on Niko's cv/résumé.


The Save Game Icon. What will it be?




A discussion about how we will save the game and if there will be an icon to walk into upon doing so.


Voice Actors you want




What voice talent would you want to hear in GTA IV?


13. GTA4/neXt Forum Index


Back to Top
Topic Title


Topic Starter




GTA4/Next Forum Index




This is the orginal forum index covering topics upto April 26, 2005.


We will work to keep the directory updated regularly.




Runey (Starter, updates)

Xcomm (Updates, coding)

Geomy (Graphics, updates)

meta187 (The original GTA4/neXt index)


Edited by Xcommunicated
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Blind Joe Death
You have put my topic down as 'Breakdown Of Game Informer Article' when it is actually called 'Analyzing Game Informer Magazine'. If you could change that it would be appreciated. Ok Thanks.
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Blind Joe Death
What the hell happened to the original topic?


Well, rated good, again.

Runestoner has made a new account under the name of Runey. Obviously as he won't be using Runestoner anymore he wouldn't be able to edit his original post so he just copy and pasted a new one but with his new account.

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I updated the list.


ya mum, I fixed yours.


Billy, your topic was added.

cryani.gif I'm so happy. I really am. I feel like i've won something, because i'm now above noob post level. Cheers mate cool.gif

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Mainland Marauder

Really though, anything could get added to the index; even steak.

"You tell me exactly what you want, and I'll explain to you very carefully why it cannot be."

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Haha steak was the most odd topic i've ever seen and it got freakin pinned cheers mods mercie_blink.gif

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maybe you could add my topic of Sidemissions to directory




What sidemissions from previous GTA's to expect in GTA IV


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OK. I'll put those up tomorrow. I've been sick the last couple of days, and haven't gotten around to updating the topic.


As for the reserved post, that is in case the first exceeds the character limit for posts. If it does, I can just continue it from there.

user posted image
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Hmm, didn't know there was a character limit...do you know what it is offhand?


On topic, I think a Vehicle section would fit nicely at #2 or #3. There aren't a whole lot of them now (3 or 4), but there will be soon enough.


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  • 2 weeks later...


LinkyAny chance of adding my investment topic? Link in a minute smile.gif

Edited by silvermanblue

Leone Family Mafia

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you've been lazy Runey,you should add more topics to directory.Look at just how much ''hot'' topics is there now...


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Oh f*ck me, I forgot all about this.


Will get to updating.

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No hurry dude it's not like the noobs even read the pinned topics, lol just kidding good topic BTW! smile.gif

Leone Family Mafia

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Thanks for the good words. Yeah, I know some n00bs won't read this, but I know some members use this to find topics.Hey, as long as it helps members, I'm proud of the work I've done.



I added a couple topics. I'll finish this when it's not 2:30 AM.



Edited by Runey.
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Me like GTA

How can I start a new poll?

It shows me that there is an error all the time. confused.gif


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How can I start a new poll?

It shows me that there is an error all the time. confused.gif

Yea, polls aren't working, you have to request one from a mod.

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Me like GTA


Yea, polls aren't working, you have to request one from a mod.

Ok. Thanks.

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Added all of the magazine preview threads from the official news forum.


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