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Can't play User Track files (scanner stops scan)


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I've been playing GTA: SA all of this week, and just now I've been wanting to play some of my own music when I'm driving in-game. I've tried using both shortcuts and actually making copies of mp3 files in the GTA User Track Files folder located in My Documents. Neither, however, have worked thus far. Whats the deal? Does it take a while to kick in?


I read the Sticky's on this forum and have tried switching through the play modes and turning on/off automatic media scan, doing manual scans, etc, but to no avail. I've tried making shortcuts through both Winamp and Windows Media Player 10. When I hit the scan button for instance, the thing scans for a few seconds, then just stops-isn't some message telling me its done scanning supposed to pop up? I've tried looking for a solution on Google, but I have had absolutely no luck. Please help me fix this problem!



I thought perhaps updating to the latest patch would do the trick, but I can't even install the damn patch because guess what? The patch doesn't recognize the gta_sa.exe program thats within my Rockstar Games>GTA: San Andreas folder. Nice going Rockstar. Jesus why the f**k do PC Gamers always get the shaft by developers when it comes to multi-platform games? Its about time that PC game developers started releasing sh*t when its completely done. Oh, sure, blame it on pressure from the publisher. People need to show publishers how much they are screwing themselves over by pressuring game developers to release early or stick to a timeline. I'd rather have a game delivered a bit late than delivered full of bugs, glitches and all kinds of weird crap.


If I was a car salesman, and you were interested in purchasing a car from me, how would you feel if I offered you half a car, or better yet, a car that is KNOWN to be a lemon and full of technical problems and faulty parts that jeopardize your safety? How would you feel if I told you not to worry about it, that within a year, the manufacturer should be issuing recalls to fix the problem? Yeah, its the same f**king point.


OS: Windows XP SP2

GPU: Geforce 7800GT w/Arctic Cooling NV Silencer OC'd @ 454/1.18Ghz

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Socket 939 Venice core @ 2.6Ghz

RAM: OCZ Value Series PC3200 1GB Dual Channel Memory Kit w/custom timings.

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