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Change your old homies!And make style!


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Hey i made a cool mod that change the old grove street to the style homies.

Here are some pics:







But i dont know how to put the mod here for download.

How do i do that?


(and sorry if i submited it in the wrong area)

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u go to gtagarage.com and sing in with this same pass and username from here and u click submit a mod and if it gets aprovved afta awhile just go to edit (paper and pencil in front of the mod name were it says my mods on homepage)and submit files and a pic and these are just texture chnages with claude jacket not even put on right lol but it is good is it your first mod?


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Thats the jacket of the officer.

The bike officer.



thats my first one


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well it looks like claudes sa jacket but it is good for your first mod my first mod was a texture change too it was the mexican angel for vice city look it up on gtagarage

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