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Black and White sky


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Hey, i don't know if anyone has found this out (someone probably has, i googled it but couldn't find anything).

I started a new game and did the jetpack cheat which allows you to access any building (i forget which post i saw that in), but anyway, i went into the Pleasure Dome and when i came out the sky was white and the ground part of the background was black. Everything looked like it was at night. The coolest thing is that the ocean was a lot more transparent than it usually is so you could see all the detail of everything under the water very clearly.

Sorry if this has already been discovered but i still think it was pretty cool smile.gif

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Gantons Most Wanted

yeah thats the interior universe its messed up its ashame the hidden interiors are so difficult to get too why don't R* make things easier for once lol.

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