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A nice view of the world

Roy the Pirate

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Roy the Pirate

I was just playing around at the airport with a landstalker and I tried to hitch a ride on the jumbo jet and see how long I could stay on, and I mad a discovery that you can board the plane and go higher then the helicopters can and Its a great view of Vice City but its fuzz at times.


EDIT Oh its easier in a ambulance

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Roy the Pirate

Well you park the ambulance on the runway then you jump on top of it, then wait for a jumbo jet to come close then jump on its wings then press triangle,


PS the moving ones not the parked ones

PPS you can't fly it

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Gantons Most Wanted

this was discovered by Edison Careter a few months ago but good method about boarding it i'll try that

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there's a video on youtube that shows someone who was playing vcs got into a white jumbo & was flying around vice city.


click here to watch the video.

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CheatMania Extreme

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