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Graphics Problem


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Hi All..

I am having a problem with GTA Vice City, the problem is when I start any mission in the water my screen will mess up, and I cant see any thing in the map in the corner, I mean I cant see my self in the map, I cant see the check points or any thing..

My computer is Packard Bell Laptop

AMD Motherboard 1.9 MHZ

256 RAM

Vedio Memory 32 MB


and my screen reselution works fine only in 1024 x 768


I will be very thankfull if any one can help me..


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Your video memory is the absolute minimum, which may mean the problem is unsolvable aside from upgrading your system.


Have you had any install history with VC? Did it work before at any stage?

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Hi Again..

Thanks Fuzzy Juzzy for your replying..

I did not install any history, it works fine every where only when I am in a mission in the water its not, or when irs raining..


Some time it works after I go to the options or I minimize the game, after I resume it will work fine, but most of the time no, I need to restart the game.


So you think the problem is with the video memory and I should give up! because i use laptop and I cant change the video memory sad.gif ..


Thanks again smile.gif

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Did you try running at a res. of 640x480 16bit? During low memory situations, that's the way to go. Also, close down any unnecessary background applications in Windows -> frees up RAM, and this may also help out your "graphics card" VRAM.


Now I am not totally sure if updating the graphics drivers, tweaking around inside of the control panel/center for the dispaly driver, and deleting the [.set] file would be able to give your computer a boost -> but it's best to try doing so.

Edited by Ring_of_Fire
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Can you tell me what your graphics card is? Go Here, and click 'Technical Help' for more possible suggestions. I forgot to mention also that you should turn on frame limiter and lower down the draw distance. I think certain GPUs run best with either 16/32 bit color. But since you have only 32MB, lowering the resolution is highly recommended. You should experiment with the Windows 98 compatibility mode and Patch 1.1 also.

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Hi Ring_of_Fire

I try to play on 640x480 16bit, but still the same..


in this pictures you can see what is going on with me, look the trees and the buildings, and look there is no me in the map and no check points.





and my display information is:





Thank you very much!


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Hello again Ring_of_Fire,

Sorry! i didnt know you have to sign up to see the photos.

Here are again:


This is the problem how it apears, look the trees and the buildings, and see there is no any point in the map:

user posted image


And this one is my display information:

user posted image



Thank you so much for following up smile.gif

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Try deleting the [.set] file and then make sure the resolution is in 32-bit (this must be done in Vice City's display setup and not only in Windows!). If you go to Take 2 Support, click on technical help for Vice City and they will show to you that your S3 Savage does actually have problems rendering graphics in 16-bit mode.


Another thing you have to do is to download newer drivers. Here they are. Pleae note which operating system you are currently using and whether if you have an IGP (integrated) or PCI card. Remember to uninstall older drivers before installing newer ones! smile.gif


By the way, the S3 Savage is a phased out chipset. The Chrome series are much better, so this is no surprise.


EDIT: The ProSavage DDR is a PCI card and not IGP. So download the one for your current OS. After doing this, go delete the [.set] file in your "My Documents" folder and change the color quality in Vice City's Display Setup to [resolution] x 32bit.

Edited by Ring_of_Fire
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Ring_of_Fire <-- IS THE MAN

you are the man MAN!

Its working fine now... I just did as u said and its great.

thank u very much,, u really make my day biggrin.gif



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