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Well, I've just installed VC-MP 0.3 fixed edition to a clean, unmodified version of GTA: Vice City, the installation went okay, but when I try connecting to a server (and running vc-mp), it starts the normal game, (It basically starts gta-vc.exe and runs the game as normal instead of launching VC-MP.) Is this a normal bug and is it fixable?


(the sounds never seem to work either)

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You need to host or join a game first on the server, and have at least 2 or more persons (maybe they exited as soon as you launched?). Make sure also that you didn't install Patch 1.1. If you already did, then get the disc source and overwrite the existing [gta-vc.exe] file to downgrade to 1.0. Try uninstalling/reinstalling VC-MP after doing that. http://www.vicecitymultiplayer.com/

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